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Techno has been a Pneumatics Products dealer for over 25 years and has been importing Pneumatics Products for the past three years. They have a large inventory of Direct Acting Solenoid Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Brass One Touch Couplers, Pilot and Directional Control Valves, Manual, Mechanical, and Automatic Valves, Push-in Tube Fittings, Auto Drain Valve, Air Treatment Units, High-Pressure Filter & Regulator, Silencers, Air guns, Hose Reel, Spring Balancers, and other products to meet and satisfy all customer needs.

Techno Grease Pumps and Their Features:

A grease pump is a lubrication system that looks like a small vacuum cleaner, but its body can carry anything from thirty pounds to four hundred pounds of grease.

Another advantage is that the grease pump can work with different lubrication systems, such as central lubrication systems and grease guns. Additional chemical additives, such as anti-wear agents to protect the metal from abrasions and oxidation inhibitors to extend the grease's life, can be incorporated into the grease recipe for specific qualities.

They are typically used in the automotive and industrial industries and also in heavy machinery in the food and beverage, maritime, and construction industries. The viscosity, or resistance to flow, of the product being pumped, the amount delivered, system pressure, and the size of the drum are all important factors to consider when choosing a grease pump.

  • The Grease Injectors are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge procedures, ensuring that they meet the industry's high standards.
  • They're tough and long-lasting.
  • They have a maximum air pressure of 6-8 bars (PSI).
  • Their working pressure (PSI) ranges between 240 and 320 bar.
  • They can pump up to 0.75 liters per minute.

Techno Filter Regulators and their Functions

A filter regulator from Techno is a single unit that combines a filter and a pressure regulator. Both of these items are also sold separately. The advantage is that the single unit takes up less space, reduces the likelihood of leaks due to fewer air connections, and, in some situations, improves performance.

When air departs a compressor, it is heated, filthy, and frequently wet, all of which can injure and shorten the life of downstream equipment like valves. As a result, air must be cleansed and controlled with a filter regulator before being used.

The speed and precision of liquid and airflow are controlled by a regulator, while a filter cleans the air that goes from the compressor. The airline filter cleanses, stretches, and traps solid particles (dust, grime, rust) within the compressed air while also separating liquids (water, oil). Upstream of regulators, directional control valves, lubricators, air-driven devices like air motors and cylinders, filters are mounted in the airline.

Techno Pneumatic Actuators and their Advantages

Pneumatic actuators are among the most widely used engineering devices because they are efficient, safe, and highly reliable sources of motion control. These actuators are used in a vast range of sectors, most notably in applications that need the closing and opening of valves. They're also useful in industrial settings where there's a possibility of fire or ignition.

They are mechanical motion converters that transform energy, usually compressed air, into mechanical motion. They are known by various names in the industry, including air actuators, pneumatic cylinders, and air cylinders, where all of them refer to the same thing.

This actuator comprises a cylinder, piston, and ports or valves that may transform energy into rotary or linear mechanical motions. Whether a linear actuator or a pneumatic rotary actuator is used in the application determines this. Linear actuators are ideally best meant for mainly fitting the angle seat control valves designed for higher temperature and steam applications. In contrast, pneumatic rotary actuators are meant for fitting the quarter-turn valves, but they depend on the application.

The majority of the advantages of these actuators over other alternate actuators, such as electric ones, are device dependability and safety. Because they do not need any sort of ignition or energy, these devices are in high demand in areas where combustion and parking are prohibited. This happens as these actuators may store or hold compressed air and reuse it without risk or danger of fire. They also meet explosion protection and machine safety criteria because there are no motors. Thus there is no magnetic interference.

They are also exceptionally durable, lowering the costs associated with maintaining their performance. Low maintenance translates to an extended product lifecycle and, as a result, more output.

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