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Syska - A Name to Reckon with in Led Lighting

Syska is a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and reliability. Keeping in sync with the growing popularity of LED lights, Syska has come with a wide range of LED lights to meet the illumination needs of buyers. Syska LED lights are highly energy efficient and have a much higher durability as compared to CFL and incandescent lighting sources. Syska LED bulbs use LED and wireless technology. These lighting sources are mercury and lead free. Therefore, they do not cause any type of UV or IR radiation which are the major causes of global warming. At Moglix, we have an assorted range of Syska LED Bulbs online.

In order to stand out from other companies engaged in the production of LED bulbs, Syska has recently introduced the Syska Rainbow LED Light App. Using this app, users can pick the color of bulbs as per their choice, play interactive games and also schedule sync specifications. Therefore, prospective buyers can have a perfect idea about the bulbs they intend to buy from here. Syska also deals in all types of street lights, panel lights and ceiling lights. Thoughtfully created to meet the changing illumination needs of today’s buyers, Syska LED lights can help buyers keep energy bills under their control.

Syska LED Bulbs

Syska LED bulbs are a cost-effective option as compared to CFL and glass lamps. They use a new technology known as plastic-aluminum thermal management and come with a traditional and elegant look. They offer omni-directional illumination. These Syska LED bulbs consume a minimal amount of energy and can ensure substantial energy savings.

The Syska LED bulbs which we are offering as a part of this range can be used for illuminate offices, showrooms, malls and residential properties. They reduce the carbon dioxide footprint, and offer colour rendering. They have a long life span and cause no UV radiation. These LED bulbs have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. They are compatible with all fixing bases and offer versatile features for household and industrial applications. These bulbs can be replaced with CFL bulbs.

Syska LED Bulbs Prices at Moglix

Syska LED bulb price has been devised keeping in touch with the buying power of buyers. Therefore, you can get a clear perception of the Syska LED bulb price list which we have shared here. All the bulbs which we are offering have been sourced after checking the specifications and the areas where they are ideal for usage. All the bulbs which we have sourced have undergone quality tests before being dispatched for delivery.

Though at first glance the Syska LED price quoted online can seem a bit too high, yet they incur minimal maintenance costs in the long run. These lighting fixtures also produce minimal heat as compared to the normal lighting fixtures which you will come across. They produce omni directional illumination and are therefore in sync with the latest lighting trends which have gained popularity in recent times.

To get an idea of the price for shopping Syska LED bulbs in the market, you can browse through the details which we have shared here. The bulbs we are offering are made from highly durable components. Therefore the Syska LED bulb price you will come across here will easily fit into your budget. Therefore, to avail the best deals, you can go through the Syska LED bulb price list available online at Moglix.

LED Panel Lights

Syska LED panel lights are ideal for use in offices and work stations. Available in a wide range of sizes, they have the capability of meeting every indoor lighting need of users. These edge lit LED panel lights offer glare free illumination. They come with an extruded aluminum frame and have a life span of about 50,000 hours. These panel lights are highly eco-friendly and energy efficient and do not cause UV or IR radiation. These lights are suitable for use in homes, offices, malls, showrooms, hallways, galleries, work stations and work tables. Syska LED price has been kept within a reasonable range to suit the budget of buyers. Therefore, customers can buy Syska LED lights price.

LED Street Lights

Syska street lights are used for illuminating streets and gardens. They are known for their energy efficiency and are eco-friendly. These LED street lights offer a higher quality of illumination as compared to regular lights. The optic lenses of street lights offer wide spread of light in order to cover maximum area. It increases pole spacing and is a suitable replacement for sodium vapour and mercury vapour high wattage lamps.

LED Ceiling Lights

LED ceiling lights are a suitable substitute for tube lights. They are best suited for use within office spaces, homes, restrooms etc. These lights consume a minimal amount of electricity, are eco-friendly and are perfect for used in place of compact fluorescent lamps. They can help users make up to 80% energy savings and have a life span of 50,000 hours. These Syska LED ceiling lights come with an instant on feature as well.

LED Downlights

Downlights from Syska have been specifically designed for low space recess mounting and offer high quality directional light. They can be retrofitted, are energy efficient and environment friendly. These downlights can help users keep a check on their electricity bills by ensuring up to 80% energy savings. These Syska LED downlights have a life span of 50,000 hours and are eco-friendly. The lights can be turned on instantly.

LED Lamps

Syska LED Lamps are manufactured with special camera lens and are ideal for use as a replacement to CFL or incandescent lamps. These lamps provide a high level of illumination to malls, offices and showroom spaces.

Syska LED Lights Online Purchase and Warranty

Syska offers a myriad of options to buyers who are looking for the new range of energy efficient lighting sources. Syska offers warranty periods on a number of these lighting sources. They comply with the existing industrial specifications and offer highly quality illumination for years together.

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Moglix is a one stop shop for all types of lightings and luminaries from leading brands, including Syska. To acquire Syska LED Bulbs at affordable prices, you can check the price range of the bulbs that we have on offer. To cater to our everlasting customer base, Moglix has developed business relations with suppliers spread across the different parts of India, China and Taiwan. Our major goal is to help buyers adapt to the use of LED lights and in the long run help in the creation of a green, sustainable environment.

At Moglix, we aim to build a lasting impression on buyers. Supported by a responsive, highly professional CRM and sourcing team, we aim to raise the satisfaction level of our buyers. Product prices across categories have been kept within a reasonable range to meet the budget of our buyers who include industrial professionals, technicians, and home based buyers. We conduct a number of quality tests in order to ensure that the ordered items reach buyers in the best working condition. Therefore, we have been able to cater to the needs of different segments of customer needs. To have a better environment in the future, check out the Syska LED lights and bulb price list in India.