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Symphony for the Perfect Evaporative Air Cooling

Incredible in leadership, unparalleled in terms of innovation, unrivaled air-conditioning skill makes Symphony the world's leading air-conditioning firm. Symphony, an Indian multinational corporation with operations in more than 60 countries, is the world's largest air-cooler maker. Symphony is a market leader that has been cooling clients for decades, from ideas to advancements, energy responsibility, to environmental care. Symphony coolers have become synonymous with 'cooling' due to their overwhelming dominance in the home, industrial, and commercial segments.

Symphony Limited received a Guinness World Record for building the world's largest working air coolers. The company also offers solutions through the world's largest air conditioning project at Hajj Camp in Mecca-Madina and India's largest air cooling project at Patanjali Yoga Bhavan in Haridwar.

Why Buy Symphony Air Coolers?

There are several reasons why you can blindly trust this brand. Some of the significant reasons are as follows:

  • --> Their air coolers are budget-friendly.

  • --> They save you money on energy.

  • --> They have a lot of visual appeal.

  • --> They offer a diverse range of products.

  • --> They are the industry's manufacturing leaders.

Household Air Conditioners and Their Features:

  • --> They have three types of coolers: large space coolers, medium space coolers, and spot coolers.

  • --> The prices range from 5,499 to 22,999 Indian rupees.

  • --> Their cooling capacities range from 12 to 50 square meters.

  • --> The capacity of their tanks ranges from 25 to 115 liters.

  • --> You can choose between a single blower or a single fan, as well as a double blower or a double fan.

Commercial Air Coolers and their Specifications:

  • --> They fall under the category of large space coolers.

  • --> They have a tank capacity ranging from 45 to 200 liters.

  • --> You can choose between a single or double fan.

  • --> They are priced from 18,999 and 48,990 INR.

Industrial Air Coolers and Functions:

Industrial air coolers are designed to cool large-open or semi-open spaces. They operate on the evaporative air cooling principle, in which fresh air is continuously delivered through air ducts and air supply outlets and cooled using cooling pads and water. The hot air carrying impurities, odors, and dust is released out of the room due to the constant flow of cool air, resulting in a cool, ventilated, clean, and comfortable environment.

Industrial air coolers are appropriate for places like factories, warehouses, showrooms, workshops, religious buildings, and other places where air conditioning is difficult and commercially unviable. Symphony's industrial air coolers are available with various accessories to provide end-to-end solutions for customizing your cooling requirements while maintaining a high level of aesthetics. Symphony Industrial air coolers create a comfortable environment for people, increasing productivity at a fraction of the expense of air conditioning

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With Symphony Coolers, there is no more stress or worry about the summer’s heat and exhaustion. You can now check e-stores and order their cooler at your comfort and get them delivered to your doorstep. Opt for the payment mode that is best for you and shop at your convenience. Enjoy the shopping experience without any hassle and find the perfect cooling device that meets your needs.