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It hasn't been easy to create an industry with all of the best electrical products. From the initial design of a circuit to its appropriate operation, various electrical components such as resistors, transistors, relays, switches, and contractors are used. Siemens has been successful in this aspect and hosts a wide range of electrical goods to choose from. So, to save time and money, limit yourself to the basic electrical equipment that will assist you in getting started. Though a relay may not be the most thrilling purchase, it is a must-have for any enterprise or household with electric fixtures.

Protective Relays From Siemens and their Features

A protective relay is a form of switchgear capable of detecting any malfunction in the electrical system and isolating the system's defective elements. It is inserted into the electrical system to keep track of any circuit abnormalities. It assesses the electrical configuration to determine whether the system is operating normally or not. The following are some of their key characteristics:

  • The relay system is high-speed in nature that detects the faulty sections as fast as possible.

  • The relay system is sensitive to operate with a low value of actuating quantity.

  • They protect the electrical system from any major breakdown by disconnecting the faulty part from the main system.

  • These relays are reliable only under predetermined conditions.

  • The relay minimizes any damage to the electrical components and equipment in case of electrical failure and provides hassle-free operations.

Control Relays From Siemens and their Features

Control Relays are electromagnetic devices that regulate the flow of power in circuits. It's an electrical component that allows current to pass through a conducting coil without coming into direct contact with the switch by opening and closing the switch.

  • Control relays permit a low current circuit to control a high current circuit.

  • These relays are used to protect expensive electronic equipment by monitoring harmful situations and ensuring continuity of service.

  • They detect the issues earlier as expensive breakdown is avoided, so production delay and loss of profitability are controlled.

  • They have a range of power supplies from 24 to 240 V in one unit for optimized stocks.

  • The combination of a number of control functions in one unit optimizes wiring time and simplifies installation.

Contactors From Siemens and their Features

A contactor is a sort of relay that is used to turn on or off electrical equipment. Typically, these are used to control electric motors. The contactor's contacts are one of the most important components from which the load current flows.

  • Contactors can be field mounted easily and are compact in size.

  • These are capable of handling currents of over 5000 Amperes and high power over 100 kw.

  • They do not interrupt a short-circuit current like circuit breakers.

  • These are easy to install and faster fitting by design.

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