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Seema: A Brand with the Most Reliable Products

Whether you want to buy a high-performance welding machine for your cars, home, and workplaces or you want to choose highly efficient, safe, and protective gas regulators, you have nowhere to go but the brand ' Seema ' and we guarantee you that your choice of selection will never go wrong.

Seema products are one of the most reliable ones in the markets today. Having started their enterprise in 1999, they have been able to provide quality and relentless services to their consumers to date. Their products are suitable for personal and commercial purposes in various industries, businesses, etc. These appliances have been properly curated and arranged in various product categories like Welding Machines, Gas Regulators, Gas Pressure Regulators, Welding Regulators, etc.

Seema Welding Machines and their Features:

These are generally used in automotive industries to help repair vehicle exhaust systems and construct buildings. Some of their features are:

  • Type of technology: These machines use an electric arc that helps in melting metal workpieces above the ground. The technology used is also the plasma arc welding technology used in aerospace.

  • Coat: These rod welders use a flux-coated welding rod.

  • Working: These electrodes in the welding rods help conduct the current to generate an arc and melt the metals. This arc produces an electric current between metal bases and wires, melts them, and connects them to the metals.

  • Uses: They are used in construction, piping, heavy equipment repair, and steel production.

  • Energy used: These machines use electrical energy.

  • They are carried out through a vacuum-filled machine.

  • Input supply: This ranges from 380-440V.

  • Welding current: This ranges from 20-400 A.

  • Dimensions: These are found ranging from 550x280x545mm to 650x310x640mm.

  • Weights: They weigh approximately 33 to 55 kgs.

Seema Regulators and their Types and Specifications:

Seema Regulators can be used at homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Their major types are Gas Regulators, Gas Pressure Regulators and Welding Regulators.

  • Material used: They are made of a forged brass body with a single-stage and two-stage heavy-duty gas regulator.

  • Flow rate: They range from 26.67 lpm to 650 lpm.

  • Inlet and outlet pressure: They have a minimum of 0.8 bar and 45 bar.

  • Pressure knob: They are generally made of polycarbonate and neoprene and rubber bonded diaphragm cloth for longer life.

  • Type of gas used: They use acetylene, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, LPG Gas, methane gases.

  • Pressure gauge: Their High quality and calibrated gauge will also give precise and accurate readings and constant gas flow.

  • Filter type: Their metal filter at the inlet connections restricts the passage of dust particles.

Benefits of Using Seema Welding Machines and Regulators:

  • They are safe, secure, and long-lasting.

  • They provide you with the best quality and efficiency at reasonable prices.

  • They are lightweight and user-friendly products.

  • They are suitable in personal and commercial spaces.

  • They come in a wide range of varieties to choose from.

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