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Polycab Wires for all Wiring and Cable Requirements

Polycab is a company that manufactures and sells wires and cables as well as fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG) under the 'POLYCAB' name. Their promoters have a combined total of more than four decades of experience. On January 10, 1996, the company was founded as 'Polycab Wires Private Limited' in Mumbai, India, as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956.

Power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, flexible cables, flexible/single multi-core cables, communication cables, and others such as welding cables, submersible flat and round cables, rubber cables, overhead conductors, railway signaling cables, specialty cables, and green wires are among the wires and cables produced by Polycab Wires.

Power of Green with the Polycab Green Wires

With global warming on the rise, the globe requires cables that are environmentally friendly, safe, and that function well. Polycab has introduced 'Green Wires,' which meet high European standards for environmental sustainability and cable safety by combining revolutionary engineering with precisely selected materials. Polycab Green Wire is the recommended choice for Green Buildings because it is energy-efficient, recyclable, RoHS compliant has low smoke density, and produces fewer harmful gases in extreme fire conditions.

  • --> They are made using higher-grade raw materials that can be recycled and have a reduced carbon footprint.

  • --> They have the potential to result in excellent heat resistance and a longer product lifespan.

  • --> They are lifesavers because of their strong flame retardant characteristics.

  • --> Green Wire insulation is the outcome of Polycab's ultra-modern R&D centre, which has been certified by the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology, continuing to innovate in the field of polymers.

  • --> Superior grade raw materials are employed compared to FR Wires, ensuring increased current carrying capability and a significant increase in power efficiency.

  • --> It has a low smoke density and emits fewer harmful gases, allowing for improved visibility and faster escape.

  • --> They are manufactured inside a green zone to avoid external contamination.

  • --> These green wires are RoHS (Restriction of Toxic Substances) and REACH compliant and free of cancer-causing hazardous compounds (Cadmium and lead).

Polycab Cables and Advantages

Polycab cables are dedicated to making life better by manufacturing an extensive range of electrical wires and cables in plants using cutting-edge technology (electron beam/buss co-kneaders) and world-class materials under strict quality assurance procedures, with total traceability of in-house or approved supplier materials and throughout the manufacturing process. Polycab's R&D center is the backbone for compound and metals, discoveries that ensure compliance with all local and international standards proven by extensive testing at Polycab's internal NABL accredited lab and other third-party labs.

  • --> They have a more remarkable ability to retain electrical strength.

  • --> The short circuit rating is higher.

  • --> Electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties are all improved.

  • --> They can easily join and terminate.

The following are essential factors to consider when choosing an appropriate cable construction to carry electrical energy from one end to the other:

  • --> Check the maximum operating voltage.

  • --> Find the precise fault level.

  • --> Analyze the load to be carried.

  • --> Predict possible overloading during & magnitude.

  • --> Determine the route length and voltage drop.

  • --> Decide on the mode of installation considering installation environments such as ambient and ground temperature and chemical & physical properties of soil.

  • --> Go for flame retardant properties.

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The electrical system's arteries are wires and cables. These elements are of the utmost importance, whether in an indoor or outdoor location. Each wire or cable must be carefully installed to ensure a continuous electricity supply and good electrical safety. Check out the e-stores for Polycab wires that are right for you and have them delivered right to your door. Order now at your comfort and enjoy the shopping experience.