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Improve Fuel Efficiency and Control Pollutants with Motul

Motul, a company with French roots, manufactures and distributes lubricants for engines. With their top quality products and advanced manufacturing techniques, Motul has established itself as a leading and top brand in India with Motul engine oil, Motul chain cleaner and lube, and Motul coolant. Motul Group is a team of passionate people who are constantly polishing their craft for more innovative solutions to the wear and tear of locomotives due to friction.

Motul engine oil lowers the rate of wear and friction in the vehicle's moving components and protects the engine from sludge and varnish. It also dissipates heat generated by the close proximity of moving parts, hence, it becomes important to ensure that the vehicle's oil is changed at appropriate intervals. This improves the vehicle's performance, whether it's a car, motorcycle, or another vehicle. Motul Engine Oil is the lifeline of locomotives as it keeps the engine healthy and gives it a long life.

Why Should You Purchase Motul Products?

Protection and Performance: In high-temperature and high-stress environments, conventional motor oil begins to break down, evaporate, or burn up when exposed to severe temperatures. This could cause engine damage. Motul engine oil is designed to survive such harsh environments and continue to protect engines even in the most extreme situations, where mineral oils would fail to do so. In addition, automakers these days are in talks about increasing engine performance while reducing cubic capacity.

Cleaner Engines: Mineral oils have a tendency to pick up deposits and residues from engine components, resulting in the production of sludge, which reduces the engine's efficiency and longevity. With their homogenous molecular structure, fewer contaminants, and improved additives, Motul engine oil is able to resist sludge development and allow for a smoother, more efficient, and cleaner engine operation.

Improved Performance in Low Temperatures: Conventionally, motor oil thickens when the temperature drops. If a car or motorcycle hasn't been used in a while in a cooler climate, conventional oil provides resistance to flow until the engine warms up. This could produce unwanted friction between moving elements within the engine, resulting in damage over time. Motul engine oil is made to prevent such situations from occurring, giving splendid performance even in the cold.

Environment Friendly: Impurities such as sulphur, unstable hydrocarbons, and other chemicals are less prevalent in Motul engine oil. As a result, the engine's emissions are cleaner, causing no additional harm to the environment or air pollution.

Types of Motul Engine Oil

Motul Conventional or Mineral Oils: This is the most popular type of Motul coolant, and it's the one you're probably using in your car or motorcycle. These are refined petroleum oils that have been processed and designed to meet the specific needs of a certain type of vehicle.

Motul Synthetic Oils: Fully synthetic oils are created using specialised procedures that are more time-consuming and costly. Due to the chemically designed procedures involved, these oils function very well in harsh (cold or hot) circumstances. This makes Motul engine oil perfect for Indians due to the difference in temperatures across all the regions.

Motul High-Mileage Motor Oils: As your car's engine ages and accumulates a large amount of mileage on the odometer, the oil seals and other sealants begin to fail. This results in unwelcome leaks and other issues. This Motul engine oil is universal, and can be used for both diesel and petrol engines for any car.

Motul Semi-Synthetic Oils: Synthetic blend oil combines ordinary mineral oil with a tiny amount of fully synthetic oil (described below) to increase viscosity at high temperatures. They also perform better in colder weather. These Motul coolants are designed to provide performance similar to that of purely synthetic lubricants at a lower cost.

Motul Chain Lubes and Cleaners: This is the recommended lubricant for all kinds of motorcycles, as it reduces friction and the loss of power in all kinds of situations. The Motul chain lube has notable resistance to thermal energy, providing overall stability during use. It can be used as a lubricant for all kinds of bike chains, including standard, x-ring, o-ring, z-ring, and go-karts. Motul chain cleaner is durable, and often offered as a combo with the Motul chain lube. This is so that the old residue of dirt and other contaminants can be dissolved using the strong cleaning solution that Motul chain cleaner offers.

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There is no doubt that engine oils are incredibly important for all sorts of vehicles, be it a motorcycle, a two-wheeler, or even a car. Motul engine oil is of severe importance throughout the usage of any vehicle. It reduces friction while increasing the lifespan of the engine, making it run smoothly and properly for longer.

Motul engine oil is meant to keep the engine and its internal components cool, minimising frequent or unnecessary performance changes. Moglix offers the best possible deals on Motul engine oil, Motul chain lube, Motul chain cleaner, and Motul coolant. They also offer shipping right at your door, alongside brilliant customer service for all your needs.