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Microtek is one of world’s largest power product manufacturers. Based in Taiwan, the company is engaged in products such as LCD TVs, digital cameras, LCD and DLP projectors, scanners, film scanners, flatbeds and document imaging scanners etc. Microtek has established numerous state of art manufacturing units which are equipped with the latest machinery.

Since its inception in 1980, the company has established ultra-modern in-house comprehensive R & D labs in California and Taiwan.  It has a team of highly accomplished and experienced professionals. The R & D team has access to the latest designing software, field condition simulation equipment and development hardware for testing. It is dedicated to study emerging trends in optics design, software development, mechanical and electronic engineering, product quality and technology advancement.

Microtek holds the credit for creating MS-300 A, the first desktop halftone scanner in the world. The company has global operations and distribution channels which are spread around the world with international subsidiaries in Singapore, Taiwan and China.

Buy Microtek Inverters Online For Sufficient Power Backup Guaranteed

The newest range of Microtek inverters is easily serviceable. They come with the battery state manufacturing and operate using CCCV technology with auto trickle mode. These Microtek sine wave inverters are equipped with a smart overload sense and a short circuit protection. They come with status and fault indications and have a Micro-Controller based intelligent control design. These inverters have been designed using ultramodern technology for ensuring high-quality performance and reliability.

The solar inverters are equipped with an inbuilt solar charger controller which enables smooth conversion of solar power into electricity. They have a dual mode- mains mode and solar mode. Therefore, they can be used in areas which are exposed to areas with long power cuts. They are highly efficient in ensuring quick charging of battery and ensuring optimum energy savings.

Microtek Inverters and Ups - Hassle Free Power Backup Ensured

The Microtek Inverter and UPS models available online at Moglix, operate using a hybrid technology and therefore operate noiselessly. They offer a longer backup and ensure increased battery life. They have a short UPS transfer time and are equipped with a Digital Signal Controller (DSC) based Intelligent Control Hybrid Design.

The usage of IBGM technology boosts battery life and performance of Microtek inverters & UPS by maintain correct battery gravity. The presence of the battery selection mode switch makes these appliances suitable for handling equal performance with all types of batteries. Presence of the unique USS (Ultra Sonic Switching) technology ensures complete silent operations to be made, offering users with a high level of satisfaction.

Buy Microtek Stabilizers Online To Ensure Optimum Voltage Accuracy in Electrical Appliances

Microtek stabilizers are compatible with a wide range of electrical appliances such as refrigerators and ACs. The newest models of Microtek stabilizers which are available in the market have an Intelli auto start and offer both under voltage & overvoltage protection. They offer both high cut and low cut protection. These Microtek stabilizers which are available at our online store at best prices are also equipped with silicon-based transistors, silver caked relays and smart time delay.

The Microtek stabilizers for 1.5 ton AC which are offered as a part of our online collection operate using the Save Power technology and are therefore highly energy efficient. They, therefore, help the users to ensure optimum energy savings. The Smart Time Delay feature of these stabilizers provides sufficient breathing space and stabilizes the power supply to the load. This helps in increasing the durability of electrical appliances.

These stabilizers have a capacity between 3 KVA-5 KVA and can handle all types of power & voltage fluctuations. There is no need to separate stabilizers after these models have been installed. The digital voltage stabilizers available online are also equipped with the same features.

Choose From the Newest Range Of Microtek Ups Online

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is a type of battery backup which offers emergency power for loading in case the main power or power source fails. The Microtek UPS models offering online experience no load showdown. They offer deep discharge and overcharge protection. The UPS for computer models ensure quicker charging of batteries and are compatible with generators and Sine wave inverters.

These Microtek UPS operate using the latest technologies such as double conversion high-frequency switching PWM and IGBT. Automatic battery charging is possible in UPS off mode. The Microtek UPS models available online come with short circuit and overload & over temperature protection. They have been specifically designed for usage in Indian environmental conditions.

The solar UPS models which are offered online as a part of this range enable the conversion of solar power into electricity. They run using the load from solar power when it is available and switch to mains power when it isn’t unavailable. The solar UPS models have been specifically designed to ensure that the users gain maximum benefit from the sun. They therefore help in bringing down energy bills.

Make Optimum Energy Savings with Microtek Solar Panels

Solar panels are mainly used for power generation. The Microtek solar panels are equipped with anti-reflection coating and EVA encapsulation which ensures better module protection. These solar panels are created using premium quality of input materials. They are eco-friendly and are ideal for on-grid and off-grid applications.  High conversion efficiency is ensured by the use of innovative photovoltaic technologies. They offer a high level of output for decades and offer excellent low light response.

Select From the Newest Range Of Microtek Solar Pcus Online

Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) is a type of equipment which offers the capacity to charge a battery bank through a solar or grid/DG set. The Microtek Solar PCUs online offer Pure Sine Wave output and offer programmable supply which is important for battery, PV or grid. They come with monitoring software for real-time status display and control. These solar CPUs offer parallel operation up to 6 units.

The newest models which have been launched in the market offer pure Sinewave output to run ultra-modern appliances.  They have a peak output power handling capacity and have Intelli overload sense with short circuit protection. These Solar PCUs have a battery deep discharge protection and operate using MPPT and Intelli current boost technology.

The PCUs are logically designed for checking the output power of solar panels. If the solar panel output is sufficient for battery charging, then they take no power from mains. But if there is not enough solar power, then the remaining power for battery bank charging will be taken from mains.

Choose Microtek Inverters, Stabilizers, Batteries, Solar Panels & Ups Online at the Best Prices

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