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About Metravi Instruments Pvt Ltd

Metravi is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of electrical and electronic measurement tools in India. It has been continuously introducing a lot of new products to keep up with the various needs of the customers. Metravi uses the latest technology and the best materials to manufacture its products.

A wide range of Metravi products are readily available on Moglix, which includes Metravi analog & digital multimeter, Metravi clamp meter, Metravi infrared thermometer, Metravi oscilloscope and many others.

Metravi Digital Multimeter - Durable and Reliable

Metravi digital multimeter is the obvious choice of the users due to its efficiency and accuracy. Metravi digital multimeter comes with 4-1/2 Digits and a Backlit LCD. It has a data hold feature. It functions on AC/DC current and is strong enough to endure any voltage fluctuations. It is the apt device for the diode and the continuity test.

Easy To Use Digital Frequency Meter

The Metravi digital frequency meter comes with a microprocessor based four digit displays. It has an auxiliary power supply of 230 volts. It has been designed to be extremely light weighted for easy handheld measurements. Its compact size ensures easy usage and storage.

Digital Clamp on Power Meter - Light Weighted and Reasonable

The Metravi clamp meter is shockproof for the additional safety of the users. They are extremely energy efficient. In addition, the Metravi clamp meters have been reasonably priced to fit the pockets of individual as well as bulk buyers alike.

Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity - Accurate Measurements Guaranteed

The Metravi data logger has been specifically designed with high accuracy sensor for temperature and humidity. It is highly stable and has a fast response. It can be easily used for monitoring and collecting data of environmental temperature and humidity. The LCD display allows you to easily log information.

Metravi Battery Impedance Tester - Tested For Excellence

The Metravi battery impedance tester can be used to measure the internal impedance and an open circuit voltage of the secondary battery. It comes with a large LCD display and a data logging of up to 9999 sets.

Metravi has its service centres in almost all the cities of India, to provide an additional support to the customers. Buy Metravi products online on Moglix at the best prices.