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Meco 6000 Counts Autoranging Digital Multimeter, 108B+TRMS

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Meco 101B+ Autoranging Digital Multimeter

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Meco 666TRMS Digital Multimeter

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Meco VBSM6246 Digital Battery Tester

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Meco 2003A Plus Digital Clamp Meter

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Meco Digital Multimeter, 45CF

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    Meco 920P Temperature & Humidity Meter

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    Meco 1200A DC/AC TRMS Auto Ranging Digital Clamp Meter, 1080-TRMS

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    Meco VBSM6129B 12V Vehicle Battery System Meter

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    Meco LDM 100 Laser Distance Meter

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    Meco DBM72 Digital Battery Meter

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    Meco Digital Multimeter, 801 Auto

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      Meco Laser Distance Meter, LDM60

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      Meco LCR Meter, LCR 999A

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        Meco 450-TRMS Digital Multimeter

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        Meco 750V Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter, 171B+TRMS

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        Meco Digital Clamp Meter, 3636

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          Meco PHA 5850 Power & Harmonics Analyzer

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          Meco Digital Clamp Meter, 3150

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            Meco Digital Clamp Meter, 2250-HZ

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              Meco Digital Multimeter, 9A09

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                Meco Digital Multimeter, 9A06

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                  Meco Instruments – Electrical, Electronic Test and Measuring Instruments

                  Meco is a certified company which offers various reliable, long–lasting and affordable instruments for over five decades. The company focuses on three crucial principles - Customer focus, product innovation and technological excellence.

                  The products are designed after extensive research and in-depth demand studies to ensure that every manufactured product meets the quality standards. A wide range of Meco products are readily available on Moglix for you to shop from.

                  Meco Digital Multimeter – Small yet Powerful

                  The light weighted pocket size digital multimeters from Meco comes with a back lit display. Their rugged design is apt for one- handed use. They come with a data hold property and a basic DC accuracy of 0.5%. The duty cycle is 9999 counts and has audible continuity. The auto power off option provides utmost convenience to the users. It is an ideal option for the diode test and continuity test as it comes with a buzzer.

                  Meco Phase Sequence Indicator - Easy To Use

                  The Meco phase sequence indicator comes with both an open phase and a close phase indication. It is rugged and handy. It is absolutely easy to use and it has a led buzzer which really comes in handy. It has coloured test probes with heavy duty insulated crocodile clips.

                  Meco Infrared Thermometers – The Reliable Option

                  The Meco infrared thermometers come with a laser switch and an auto power off option. It has a backlight display and a low battery indicator. The high/low temperature alarm really comes in handy.

                  Meco Digital Clamp Meter - The Obvious Choice

                  Meco’s digital clamp meter comes in a pocket-friendly size and has detachable leads. It is compact and affordable. It is equipped with measurement capabilities that make it the ideal choice of the users. It can be useful for illustrating adjustments made to a circuit between relative high and low settings.

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