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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Biometric Machines from a renowned brand Mantra. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Mantra Biometric Machines . Buy these products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

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Experience the Seamless Advanced High-End Security with Mantra Biometric Machines

Biometric technology has become the most evolved technology over the past decade. Whether it is an office area or a home place, biometrics is used daily for authentication and security purposes. Mantra Biometric Machines can help in providing advanced high-security with a seamless experience. These biometric machines are user friendly and crafted with premium quality for next-generation security. Being one of the undisputed leaders in the Biometrics & RFID Industry, Mantra has a wide range of innovative products to choose from various categories like Fingerprint Scanners, Iris Scanners, Palm Scanners, and Contactless Facial Recognition Scanners.

Mantra Softech has become one of the innovative global powerhouses for biometric products and solutions. The never-ending requirements for the complex and sophisticated security systems call for simple yet effective machines which are faster, reliable, and efficient, thanks to Mantra’s R&D. Started in 2006, now Mantra has become the pioneer in various Biometric & RFID products, Aadhar enabling biometric devices used by the Indian government, telecom and banking sector.

Whether you want a biometric machine for attendance or access control, a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, or integrated fingerprint & iris scanner, Mantra has it all. Let us look into the various innovative options that Mantra offers with their top-notch quality security level.

Biometric Machines And Their Benefits

The High-Performance Biometric Machines from Mantra is the latest ideal and reliable tech-based products for higher accuracy and security purposes. These Machines can use physiological or behavioral characteristics that are unique from person to person, including fingerprints, iris, facial recognition, voice recognition, and PIN and card verification. These are crafted in such a way where it takes or little time for verification and identification.

  • The cost-effectiveness of these machines makes these a Budget-Friendly option.

  • Their Shockproof Rugged Design with Scratch Resistant Touch Screen and Auto Finger Detection makes the quick verification within no time.

  • Their advanced feature of contactless facial recognition makes things go easy during this ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

  • Their constant delivery of innovativeness of the products makes the businesses safer and smarter at the same time.

  • For added convenience, these machines support the RFID Readers.

  • Their multi fingerprint scanner feature enables to capture of all the ten fingerprint images of the individual.

  • Their auto-capture mode with built-in quality check scans the dual iris simultaneously, has a sturdy casing, and is dust and water-resistant.

  • There will be no paper-based monitoring. Thereby being sustainable with these machines, and huge space for storing documents will come to zero.

  • These machines offer mobility, versatility, longevity, and data security with superior execution, accuracy, and continuance.

Biometry And Its Applications & Uses

Biometry or biometrics is the automated measurement and statistical analysis of the individual’s unique physical and behavioral characteristics, ranging from iris, face, fingerprint and & palm recognition, signature recognition, voice recognition, hand geometry recognition. In this digital era, biometrics is one of the considerable milestones for humanity and is much needed in various sectors and industries.

  • These next-generation fingerprint and iris scanners are dependable, helpful, and authentic in their way with high-performance sensors.

  • These are also suitable for desktop computer login and Android-based mobile phones/tablets.

  • These machines are widely used in various industries for automated biometrics, including Manufacturing & Engineering, Energy Sector, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Port, Textiles, and by Government itself.

  • These are comprehensive and competent in multiple sectors ranging from education to law enforcement.

  • They can also equip with Microsoft Windows and Linux based SDK environments.

  • They come with an advanced Capacitive sensor and single flat finger image capture.

  • They also offer an all-in-one, WIFI enabled terminal Integrated Fingerprint biometric machine with unique features, including data retention in case of power failure, no loss of data.

  • Their inbuilt battery backup for ensuring 99.9% uptime enables heavy-duty performance.

  • They also offer additional features like Online/offline software for seamlessly managing individual operations.

  • Their other additional features include time attendance, worker, visitor and canteen management, Aadhar digital authentication.

Digital Authentication And Their Reliable Features

Digital authentication or electronic (e-authentication) is the process that includes verifying the individual’s biometrics to match with who they are claiming to be to enable access to the sensitive data or applications. This new normal era of various tech-based products calls for the most reliable, accurate, and quick authentication.

  • Be it any authentication through fingerprint, iris, palm, and facial recognition. Mantra has got your back with a USB 2.0 high-speed interface for verification and authentication snap time.

  • The WI-FI Enabled, Android Environment, all-in-one, affordable biometric integrated tablets make the user-friendly environment. The great part is they can even be connected to the Bluetooth printer allowing fingerprint scanning.

  • These portable features of the integrated fingerprint and iris scanners make digital authentication on the go anywhere and anytime.

  • These biometric attendance machines have a maximum capacity of 3,00,000 logs which makes the authentication process centralized.

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Moglix is a leading B2B e-commerce website that supplies a wide range of electronic products and related accessories. Now you can shop for Mantra Biometric Machines online from the comfort of your place. While shopping online, you can choose from various high-quality ranges of biometric machines from Mantra like biometric attendance machines, biometric fingerprint scanners, biometric iris scanners with integrated fingerprint and iris machines, and many more user-friendly machines with modern architecture according to your needs. Order now anything and enjoy a seamless shopping experience anytime, anywhere.