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About Makita

Makita Power Tools India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2008 and is a subsidiary of Makita Corporation, Japan. Established in 1915 primarily as an electric motor sales and repair company, Makita has ventured into the production of all types of power tools. At present, the company is producing power tools at seven overseas locations including India. The company’s range of industrial power tools include drilling machines, circular tools, jigsaws, circular saws, grinders, hammers, sanders, polishers, woodworking machines etc.

Top Models of Makita Power Tools

Makita Angle Grinders - They are equipped with a rotatable rear handle that can be positioned so as to suit cutting and grinding operations. They offer a high level of protection to work pieces from scratches. A distinctive feature of these Makita angle grinders compared to other models available in the market is that they are equipped with a large trigger switch with a lever for locking on as well as lock off.

The presence of the low vibration rear handle with soft grip makes them convenient for usage. The existing range of Makita angle grinders also include models which are equipped with small and rotatable gear housings. They have a highly compact weight also.

Makita Impact Wrenches - Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, Makita impact wrenches offer a high level of torque for heavy duty applications. The rocker type reversing switch makes it easy for one handed forward or reverse operation. Equipped with a slide handle which can be adjusted 360 degrees, it offers a high level of convenience from any angle.

The presence of externally accessible carbon brushes makes the wrenches available to maintain. These Makita impact wrenches run on lithium ion battery and are compact & lightweight. They have a comfortable grip and have a greater run time in comparison to other models which run on Ni-Cad batteries.

Makita trimmers are compact and light weight which makes them suitable for usage in single handed operations. They have an adjustable base and have a robust construction which ensures accurate trimming of excess materials. They are suitable for usage on door strips. Some new models of Makita trimmers come with a soft start feature and shaft lock for heavy bit change. Changing bits is also easier as compared to other models because of the presence of a flat top which offers a high level of stability. Made from aluminum, they have a high durability also.

Makita cutters have easier starts as compared to new models and have a lesser vibration as compared to normal cutters. Suitable for continuous operations, the sliding front engine of Makita cutter mounts helps in absorbing vibration through detachment when cutting pressure is applied. They are compact and suitable for cutting concrete, metal decking, angle iron, cast iron pipe, i-beams, railroad rails, and asphalt and road curbs. Makita cutters are equipped with a waist coast and are equipped with a shoulder strap. The presence of nylon cutting clockwise head rotation checks grass clippings from flying towards the user. They are equipped with a small protector which offers a clear view of the cutting area. These cutters have a soft start and a reverse switch which removes hassle removal of stuck grass clippings.

Makita rotary hammers are equipped with a job site tested shock absorbent handle which protects the battery housing and thereby enhances its lifespan. Unlike a wide range of motors that are available in the market, they come with torque limiting clutch which helps in minimizing gear damage by disengaging gears in case the bit bends. These Makita rotary hammers have an ergonomic design and are compact in weight.

Makita Die Grinders - Keeping up with the changing trends, Makita has upgraded the features of its die grinders. The latest models of Makita die grinders run cooler under continuous use and so have a higher durability as compared to other parts. Their slip barrel design makes them easy to handle as well. They are equipped with vent slots which are designed for directing exhaust air away from users.

Makita Heat Guns come with 2-speed blower settings, precision balance and rubberised handle which makes them comfortable to use. They are equipped with an integrated rear stand which supports these guns on being place in an upward position for convenient usage. As compared to other existing models in the market, they have an optimized air intake around the motor which ensures that the motor has a longer durability. These Makita heat guns are equipped with a variable temperature control dials.

The new models of Makita hammer drills which have been launched in the market are suitable for usage in applications that require drilling and driving to be done through masonry, metal and wood. In comparison to other metals, they come with a brushless motor which ensures a longer run time, better speed and power. Our collection of Makita hammer drills operate using extreme protection technology and offer better dust and water resistance for usage in harsh conditions.

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