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Lumogen: Efficiency Redefined

Lumogen is tied up with Urja Light and has been serving the customers for years. It is a bit easy to export the product from India to various countries including China but it is a bit difficult to import any product from China. Thus, this company helps others who are registered or not registered to import various products from China. The company is situated in New Delhi, India and gives them the chance to import and export their products from China.

The company offers a wide range of products such as different types of LED floodlights, warm lights, heavy-duty LED lights, panel lights, and more. Lumogen is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Led Lighting products and other electrical goods. The company is known as a client organization; so they believe in providing always best to their clients such as range of high-quality products and services.

The company also packages the products as per the specifications provided by clients and ensures the safe and secure transit. For years they have tried hard and now have created a huge client base across the Indian subcontinent.

Features of Lumogen Lighting Solutions

Eco-Friendly: The LED lights of this brand are eco-friendly. These are more effective than inefficient incandescents and fluorescents that contain mercury. These lights are safe, environmentally friendly and contain no toxic mercury. Thus, it is a wise choice to pick these LERD lights other than any other light.

Energy Efficient: AS mentioned above, these Lumogen LED lights consume less energy than any other LED Light. These lights enable consumers to save hundreds over the life of the light, without compromising beauty or the environment.

Longevity: These LED lights are very efficient and are very durable. You can use these lights for months and years as per the quality you choose. The longevity of these LED lights is unmatched. Install one led light and expect 50,000 hours or more of light.

Popular Products of Lumogen Available at Moglix

LED & Lighting: In this category, we have more than 60 products that include different types of lighting solutions such as LED lights, floodlights, warm lights, and more. All the lights are energy-efficient, eco-friendly and durable also. These lights are very reliable choice to get the perfect brightness.

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