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KSB: Powerful and Reliable Pumps & Motors

KSB was incorporated in the year 1871. From then, they are serving their customers. Now, the capacity of the company exceeds 9000 tonnes of castings per year. It is a leading supplier of pumps, valves, and related systems. Their products are used in a large variety of applications ranging such as building services, industry and water transport to wastewater treatment and power plant processes, etc.

The company works in all continents with its sales and marketing organizations, manufacturing facilities, and service operations. Currently, the company employs more than 15,000 people. They also have 190 service centers across the world and over 3,500 service staff. Its staff provides inspection, maintenance, and repair services worldwide.

Features of KSB Pumps & Motors

KSB has become a success with its innovative technology, research, and development activities. They offer excellent efficiencies, energy-saving motors. The company also has the best equipment for the control and monitoring of system components to ensure high overall energy efficiency.

The company offers a wide range of pumps and motors such as submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, etc. These pumps are best for drainage and water supply applications. The pumps have been designed for being long-lasting. These pumps are extremely energy efficient as they function on voltage different volts. These pumps are extremely voltage resistant and can endure huge fluctuations. The engineers of the company have ensured that the pumps are safe and adept at any hazards.

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Pumps & Motors: In this category, you can find more than 30 products. The list of the product contains different submersible pumps, centrifugal sewage pumps, tubular casing, and vertical immersion pumps, submerged propeller units, borehole pumps, etc. These pumps are easy to install and use and are very cost-effective too.

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