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Kirloskar Brothers Limited – A Notch Above

Since its inception in 1888, the company has aimed at becoming a flagship company of fluid management. Kirloskar undertakes extensive research and demand analysis to manufacture products that cater to different residential, industrial and agricultural needs of the customers. All the products manufactured by the company are made using the best quality raw material and the latest technology.

Kirloskar manufactures a wide range of water supply valves, pumps, motors and hydro turbines. All these products are readily available on Moglix for you to shop from.

Durable and Long Lasting Kirloskar Hydro Turbines

The Kirloskar hydro turbines and generators have their separate shafts and bearings. They have high quality self-lubricating bearings which deliver efficient performance.

Kirloskar Pumps - The Obvious Choice

Kirloskar manufactures a wide range of water pumps and submersible pumps. These pumps have been designed for usage in residential, irrigation and industrial purposes. Their robust motor provides an additional support and adeptness from any sorts of hazards. The light weight of the pump ensures an ease in handling. They are efficient, sturdy and durable in nature.

Kirloskar Valves - Masters of Fluid Management

Kirloskar manufactures a wide range of products for pipeline flow control. These valves have a size range of 50 to 600mm. They have been specifically designed for heavy duty usage. Its unique centre-lock design eliminates any unwanted instability in the circuit network and ensures an easy flow of fluids.

Kirloskar Solar Lantern - Cutting Edge Technology

The solar lantern has been designed to be extremely light weighted. It has an output of five volts and consumes a power of 1.5 watts. It is user friendly and extremely energy efficient.

Kirloskar Solar Panel – Reliable and Efficient

These solar panels have been manufactured using polycrystalline material. They have a maximum voltage capacity of 18 volts. They are durable and efficient.