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Leading Safety Brand and Three-Time Gold Award Recipient KARAM

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is safety equipment that provides users with basic health and safety protection. Any item or appliance designed to be worn by an individual when exposed to one or more health and safety dangers is referred to as personal protective equipment (PPE). All garments and other work accessories designed to form a barrier against workplace risks are considered PPE. KARAM is the most well-known brand in the production of safety equipment and accessories. When it comes to the subject of safety, it has become a synonym. KARAM was given a "Silver Award" in the category COVID PROTECTION BRAND by the IHW Council for its service in the field of safety during the current pandemic. Their catalog is full of options, whether it's for personal or professional usage or it's related to any occupational hazard or unsafe condition. Safety has no relevance unless it is of high quality. As a result, the products manufactured by this brand fulfil strict quality standards and are certified by IS 15298:2011, ISO 9001:2015, DGMS, and other international standards such as EN397:2012 and EN166:2001.

Below is the list of most popular products along with their description which the brand offers:

1. Safety Goggles and their Features

Any face or eye covering meant to protect the wearer's eyes from flying projectiles, dangerous liquids, gases, or other things that may be hazardous to the eye is considered safety eyewear. When struck by flying items or hazardous materials, this eyewear is engineered to withstand impact and breaking. Glasses, goggles, and face shields with or without prescription lenses are examples of safety eyewear. The salient features of the safety goggles are:

  • Their frame material is made up of polycarbonate making them robust under tough conditions.

  • They are 99.9% UV protected, ensuring complete safety to the eyes.

  • Long-lasting as they are scratch and impact resistant.

  • They are tested at elevated temperatures and are extremely lightweight.

  • They have a wrap-around design for better coverage of eyes, giving all-around protection.

  • Available in various varieties based on the application such as:
    o Clear Antifog safety goggles for construction sites having high dust accumulation
    o Smoked lens safety goggles for construction and metal processing shops
    o Clear lens safety goggles for chemical protection

2. Safety Helmets and their Features

They are one of the most common PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) being seen nowadays. In-country like India, where development is happening at a very fast pace, hardly there is any village, city, or town where construction activity is not happening. In metro cities, the signboard “No entry without Safety Helmet” is known to everyone, and KARAM has a wide range of safety helmets in its portfolio. The salient features of the product are:

  • They are made up of specially formulated polymer with triple corrugation for great strength.

  • They have adjustable chin straps with manual adjustment to suit all types of head sizes.

  • They are tested for shock absorption and provided with slots for fitting hearing protection accessories.

  • They are available in multiple colours as per safety guidelines for easy demarcation between personnel.

  • Their helmet headband is made up of non-irritant and soft fabric for maximum comfort.

3. Safety Hooks and their Features

Safety hooks are part of a fall protection system that prevents workers from falling off when working on heights. KARAM is a pioneer in fall protection systems and manufactures the largest range of fall protection equipment. There are various options are available to choose from based on the application, such as:

  • They have rope grab fall, which arrests fall at heights with a double security locking system.

  • They have twisted rope forked lanyards for working on heights.

  • They are shock absorber ropes that act as a cushion during any fall.

  • They have a steel screw locking karabiner for locking and holding.

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