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JK Super Drive is a subsidiary of Raymond Ltd. and has emerged as the world’s largest manufacturer of files with a presence in over 100 countries. JK files have built its name over the trust of 70 years with a wide and versatile range of products.

The company is backed by fine ISO 9001-2008 certified plants that are strategically placed around India. All the plants are equipped with in-house rolling mills that ensure product availability and quality in the market. They work with a strong commitment to providing quality that has helped them in building an enviable reputation even in technologically advanced marketplaces.

The brand brings its rich experience and legacy of files and drills to produce quality products in a hand tools category that includes a wide variety of non-powered devices. Over the years, JK has introduced a wide range of new products in the market.

JK works believes inconsistency when it comes to the quality of the products. Their power tools range includes a wide variety of superior quality products.

They distribute their products all over India through their local warehouses spread across the country. They have around 700 active dealers in the country who promote and sell JK files and power tools.

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Cutting tools are the tools that achieve its purpose through shear deformation of any workpiece. These tools are essential for a variety of purposes, from simple drilling and boring to grinding and reaming materials and more. Buy JK Super Drive drill bits and accessories, parallel shank drills, chop saw cutting wheels at the best price on Moglix.

Hand tools are very important to carry out a variety of tasks that are extremely difficult to do on your own. That is why JK Super Drive offers various hand tools that include box spanners, drive sockets, double open end spanners, Philip head screwdriver, socket sets, etc.

Power tools are time-saving devices that are important to complete jobs that other traditional tools may not perform easily. Understanding this need, JK Super Drive offers impact drills, angle grinders, power routers, etc at an affordable price.

Abrasive is also known as a mineral store that is used to smooth, polish, cut, and grind another substance. These are widely used in congruence with angle grinders. Under this category, you can buy the best cutoff and chop saw wheels online at Moglix.