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JK Paper: A Superior Choice for Printing Papers

JK is a popular brand which is known for its best quality products. JK paper ltd. is engaged in a paper manufacturing business and they were incorporated in 1960. The company is part of the JK organization, which has a business interest in automotive tyres, cement, v-belts, oils-seals, and pulp and paper. JK paper is India’s largest producer of branded papers and is a leading player in office paper, coated paper, and packaging board segments. It has two largest integrated manufacturing units – JK paper Mills, Rayagada, Odisha, and central pulp Mills, Songandh, Gujarat. Its product is sold through an extensive distribution network of 188 wholesalers, 10 depots, and 4 regional marketing offices. It offers a wide product range and its brands are identical with exceptional quality paper.

What are the Different Types of Papers Manufactured by JK?

JK has a diverse range of products available with them. JK sells the best quality papers and you can choose different types of papers for different printing purpose.

Office Papers - They sell the office papers with different brand names such as JK Cedar, JK Copier, JK Easy Copier, JK Sparkle, JK Copier Plus, and JK Excel Bond. They have also introduced new brands named JK CMax, and JK MAX has established a presence in the market.

Packaging Boards - The brand names for packaging boards are JK TuffCote, JK Ultima, JK TuffPac, and JK IV Board.

Printing and Writing Papers - They have different brand names for this such as JK Cote, JK Ledger, JK SHB, JK Evervite, JK Finesse, JK Elektra, JK Lumina, JK Ultraprint, and JK Easy Draw.

Specialty papers- Its brands name are MICR Cheque paper, Parchment, Cedar Digital.

Why Choose JK Papers?

They are the leading exporters of branded copier papers from India with exports to 35 countries. JK paper has recently invested substantially in expanding and modernizing its capacity at JK paper mills Rayagada. They have a century of experience in the business. They also run an in-house research program, under which the company is conducting plantation on more than 45,000 hectares of land. The plantation with its superior quality plants provides high-quality raw material.

They are also engaged in outsourcing activity wherein it contracts the capacities of other mills in India and abroad to manufacture various grades of papers, maintain the same quality and service assurance.

Focused on a healthy environment

The company has sustained its effort for increasing the green cover within 200 km area plant sites at Jakaypur, Dist. Rayagada and Fort Songandh as a part of larger commitment and respect for the environment. They have planted approx. 17000 Ha in 2014-15 under this program. Most of these plants are Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Subabul clones as per requirement.

Is the paper industry sustainable?

The wood and paper industry is perhaps the only large-scale industrial system that is sincerely capable of sustaining future requirements for supportable development.

What kind of wood is used for making paper and board?

Hardwood trees like oaks and maples are used as an ideal raw material for dispensation into fluting for crenelated cases as well as printing and writing papers.