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Heapro: They Create New Horizons

Heapro is a specialized company in personal protective equipment. The brand was established in the year 1990 with the aim to manufacture a wide range of critical sheet metal and plastic injection molding sub-assemblies for Automotive.

The company makes the life of the wearers fear-free from accidents at workplaces especially when working at height. They have the requisite experience in sheet metal & plastics PPEs that were introduced to make the workers’ life so confident so that they can work effortlessly without any inconvenience.

They offer different types of products’ range such as head protection protective gear, fall protection equipment and also foot protection protective wear.

The brand is well known for its prominence, reliability, and trust, in the market to deliver quality personal protective equipment. They are serving their customers for more than a decade and is a leading brand, manufacturing specialized equipment for every personnel working at heights. For advanced architecture and buildings, the company manufactures special types of equipment to provide better safety.

Features of Heapro Products

As mentioned above, Heapro offers a vast range of personal protective gear. The list of the products includes safety helmets, harnesses, lanyards, fall arrestors, and connectors, safety kits, parapet anchors, safety footwear, and more.

Safety Helmets: The brand always offers such products that can keep the workers safe and productive. Their helmets are made from high-density PE. These head protection wear are lightweight yet strong and are available in the smart vented design. These are also installed with a skin-friendly cushion pad for comfort.

Safety Harnesses: For the safety of your crew, a harness should be used whenever they work at height. These harnesses are made of dope dyed German yard which makes it extra strong and reliable.

Safety Footwear: To safeguard your feet from rough terrain, sharp objects or slippery surfaces- they offer you the best safety shoes. These products are ready for any kind of hazard your job presents and keep you safe!

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So, if you are searching for the best protective wear, you can opt for the brand named Heapro, a very well known brand in the industry. Their products are genuine and offer great safety.