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Hawkins Cookers Ltd. was established in 1959. The brand has sold more than 105 million pressure cookers across the world. The firm is well-known for its dedication to quality and continuous product innovation. Millions of families adore pressure cookers, cookware, serveware and other items too. They are created with extensive research and development, the most careful material selection, the best manufacturing procedures, and the most stringent manufacturing control. Each cooker, cookware, serveware and other items has been leak-tested. Along with improved pressure-control technologies, it ensures it cooks the fastest. It is the market leader in the Indian pressure cooker industry, with products exported to countries on all six continents since 1974.

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Hawkins Cookers Ltd., Inc., or Pressure Cookers & Appliances Ltd., is a pressure cooker and cookware manufacturer based in India. The firm is headquartered in Mumbai and operates three production facilities in Thane, Hoshiarpur, and Jaunpur. It sells its products under Hawkins, Futura, Hevibase, Miss Mary, and Ventura. Hawkin is among India's major pressure cooker manufacturers, exporting goods to over 65 countries.

Hawkins Cookware: The brand's cookware collection includes Tawa, flattened Tawa, deep-fry pans, frying pans, cook-n-serve bowls, and saucepans. Saute pans, Handis, stew pots, and sets are all available. This cookware offers the most incredible cooking performance since it is manufactured of commercially pure aluminium and has a double-layer coating for heat preservation and a smooth cooking base.

Depending on the style of cooking chosen, Hawkin Cookware is offered on hard-anodized and non-stick cooking surfaces. Hawkin Cookware Handles are composed of rosewood, plastic, and stainless steel, which give a secure grip and support.

Cookware like the wok pan has a flattened bottom for increased stability on gas and is used on flat-bottom cooktops like induction, electric, ceramic, and halogen. It has attractive and comfy rosewood handles on durable stainless-steel brackets firmly welded to the pan. Its handles have been meticulously engineered to support safety and comfort, especially when carrying heavy weights or hot oil.

Hawkins Serveware: They have created hard, anodised serveware bowls, which are great for preparing a variety of Indian and Western cuisines. The bottom and sides of the serveware are 4 millimetres thick. Bowls distribute heat evenly & keep the heat for an extended period, making them ideal for preparing and serving. Preparing and serving in the same bowl makes sense since the food remains hotter for longer.

The serveware is intended for easy cooking and elegance at the table. These servers’ hard-anodized surfaces will seem brand new for years. Each serveware set includes an instruction handbook with 12 tried-and-true recipes.

Hawkins Pressure Cookers: Hawkin pressure cookers can lower conventional cooking times to half. Legumes (lentils, dry peas, and beans) and thick pieces of meat could be prepared to taste in a fraction of the time required. Because Hawkin pressure cookers cook meals faster, you can save fuel and money. According to scientific evidence, pressure cooking improves the retention of specific nutrients such as source vitamins and minerals. Steaming is perfect for calorie and fat-free meals. The greater the temperature in pressure cooking, the more sanitary the food. Closed cooking under superheated vapour may better elicit the inherent flavours of the food, yielding delectable results. Use your Hawkins cooker for cooking a wide variety of dishes, whether as part of a recipe or as a whole meal.

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