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Imagine your life without technology, fans, air conditioners, lights, and appliances. How will you feel when nothing as such is around you in this modern-day? Lost, for sure. The need for the latest technology in our homes & offices has increased. Forget about technology; imagine your fans, lights & kitchen appliances not functioning properly. When you sit with your fans running on top of you & you, hear a churning sound all the time. It is so annoying, right?

Now with Havells gadgets & appliances, you do not need to worry about it. Havells can help you with all fixtures for your daily needs. Havells provides a wide variety of options for all your electronic needs with various colours & designs in the latest technology. Let us know more about this brand.

Variety Havells Gadgets With Latest Design & Features

You are probably at the right place if you are looking for high quality electronics. Weather you are looking for a ceiling fan with high performance, low noise & the latest designs which also enhance your decor from home to office,or Wires, Pumps, motors, LED Lights, MCB, Fan, Geyser, etc., for your home, you have them all under one brand. Havells provides you with a wide range of electric items with promising durability to enhance your decor. Let's look into the selection of products with this brand:

Havells Fans:

  • --> Havells provides a wide variety of fans such as Ventilator fans, Ceiling fans, Table fans, Wall fans, Pedestal fans, Personal fans & Domestic exhaust fans. These fans are budget-friendly with exclusive designs & styles.

  • --> They've been created to provide high performance & comfort to your needs.

  • --> Havells fans are of low cost with high durability. It fits within your budget.

  • --> They come in elegant colours & designs. You may choose the design & style which suits your needs.

  • --> Their unique BLDC fans are quite efficient, with the least power consumption of 26W per hour. This provides 65% savings compared to regular fans.

  • --> These fans provide good air delivery of up to 220 m3/min, 350 revolutions per minute.

  • --> These fans come in various sweep sizes, starting from 110mm to 1400mm. You can choose the ones depending on your requirement.

  • --> The fans come with the most competent models with high-speed blades. It comes with 3- 5 blade models.

  • --> Some other advantages for these fans include performance on the low voltage that is suitable for household & industrial purposes, comes with 40, 74 & 120W of power consumption, and an anti-dust filter.

Havells LED Lights:

  • --> Havells brings a range of LED lighting options such as LED bulbs, LED Downlighters, LED Battens, Portable Lighting, LED Lamps, LED Strips, LED Outdoor, lights for Home Decor, and much more.

  • --> These lights come in unique shapes and designs that are perfect for your home or office.

  • --> They are budget-friendly with extensive features.

  • --> They come with a consumption power of 6, 8, 14, 20, 40 W, etc. These also come with a lamp life of 15000 hrs which is quite sustaining.

  • --> They are available in various colours depending on the requirement. These lights have 6500 K of colour temperature.

Havells Wires:

  • --> Havells wires are available in various colours & designs. Some wires & cables include Lifeline (HRFR), Life Shield, LifeGuard, Multicore Round Cable, CATV Coaxial & LAN cables.

  • --> Some key features such as High insulation resistance, anti-termite, & Anti rodent add to the durability of these wires & increase performance.

  • --> These wires & cables are power savers for the in-house property.

  • --> They are also environmentally friendly & safe for you.

  • --> These wires are relatively lower in cost and come with a length of approximately 90m with quality assurance & advanced techniques.

  • --> These wires are usually made of Copper, which increases the life of the products, making them shock-resistant & damage resistant.

Havells Pumps:

  • --> The wide variety of pumps includes Monoblock pump, Submersible OpenWall Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps, and Borewell Submersible Pumps.

  • --> Havells pumps provide enhanced features with powerful performance.

  • --> Key features of the pump include dual-coated H Class copper wiring, which provides high efficiency to the motors & can withstand High temperatures protecting them from burning.

  • --> These pumps are versatile & can be used in Outdoor applications. These pumps are protected from dust particles reaching their motors, thus protecting them from damage & burning.

  • --> These pumps or motors are energy efficient as they are equipped with M Class insulation.

  • --> These pumps are of high performance & durability.

  • --> They also have an inbuilt thermal overload protector, which protects them from burning.

Benefits of using Havells products

You can opt for a wide range of Havells products from Wires, Pumps, motors, LED Lights, MCB, Fan, Geyser, etc. for the following benefits:

  • --> No Compromise on performance & energy.

  • --> Energy usage is minimum. It saves a lot of power and money by consuming less energy.

  • --> Elegant style & design is the best way to upgrade your home & office.

  • --> They provide the latest & the most trendy designs in all their products, making them a style statement.

  • --> Their products can complement your interiors.

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Now you can shop for Havells products online from the comfort of your home or office and opt for the one that fulfills your requirements. When shopping online, you can choose a payment mode convenient for you and get the products safely delivered to your doorstep. Order now and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.