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Gliders: Buy Best Safety Masks & Face Balaclava

Gliders was established in the year 1993 and is associated with the manufacturing of different automotive accessories for more than 25 years. The company is based in India and manufactures the products that are designed by standards of safety, quality, aesthetics, comfort and are available at reasonable prices. The brand increases its limits to satisfy the increasing demand of the automotive industry.

The company then expanded to the product line up by sporting and other safety accessories for its consumers. They have also distinguished their range of products as per the requirements of the consumers, different types of protective gear like safety goggles, face masks, face balaclavas, cosmo visors, bubble visors, and more.

Features of Gliders’ Products

Warmth: It is very difficult to ride a bike when it’s chilly winter. The cold breeze does not allow a smooth bike ride and also ruins your health. But these face masks and balaclavas can protect you from the breezy cold by providing warmth at the time of riding a bike. These also properly wick off the moisture from your face.

Length: These face masks can protect you very well as these are very easy to wear and fit perfectly. Their balaclava covers your head, a good one should cover your neck as well. Thus, you will end up using additional scarves to keep you warm.

Breathing Access and Vision Range: It is very important to have proper breathing and vision access while wearing a face mask or balaclava. These protective gear are designed with one perfect opening for your eyes, mouth, and nose so that you can breathe properly along with your safety.

Popular Products of Gliders Available at Moglix

Gliders' skin-friendly cotton face masks, black spandex face balaclavas, and more products offer ergonomic fit and are breathable and stretchable. These are easily washable and sweat absorbent.

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Moglix is an online platform that offers a vast range of products related to industrial and business jobs. The website has products such as power tools, hand tools, cutting tools, medical supplies, safety equipment, and more that are available from the best of the brand. Their Gliders face masks and balaclavas are very genuine, reliable and durable too.