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Fluke Corporation – Manufacturing Measurement, Testing and Troubleshooting Tools

Since 1948, the Fluke Corporation has established itself as a leading manufacturer and distributor of electrical appliances. Known for their accurate measurements, consistency and reliable performance, Fluke has been the obvious choice of the customers worldwide.

All Fluke products are manufactured by using the best quality raw material and the latest technology to ensure that every manufactured product meets the quality expectations. They pay a close attention to safety and provide the strongest warranty available.

Different varieties of Fluke products are available on Moglix. When you browse through the catalogue, you’ll find a wide range of products including the Fluke analog multimeter, Fluke clamp meter, fluke digital multimeter, fluke IR thermometer, fluke thermal imager among others.

Fluke Digital Multimeter – The Reliable Option

Fluke digital multimeters can be used in the field or on the bench to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical measurements and appliance testing. Most of these meters log and graph data, right on the screen. They have been built to repair all the electrical, electronic and HVAC systems. Professional technicians rely on these professional meters because of their high degree of accuracy and durability.

Fluke Infrared Thermometer- Accurate Measurements

The Fluke Infrared thermometer comes with a high resolution temperature display and an ambient operating range in Celsius or Fahrenheit. With a display hold time range and a spectral response, it really comes in handy for day to day use.

Fluke Digital Clamp Meter - The Viable Choice

The Fluke clamp meters are designed to be reliable, simple, gimmick free and act like a workhorse. They can be connected with the Fluke Connect application, in which you can put tools near the live electrical panels. The Fluke Connect app can also be used to send measurement data to your smartphone, which enables you to save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime, from anywhere.

Fluke Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator – Spot on Performance

The Fluke motor and phase rotation indicator is a portable handheld instrument which has been specifically designed to detect the rotary field of three phase systems and motor direction. It can also be used to check the phase sequence in poly phase AC circuits.

Fluke Temperature Humidity Meter - Easy To Use

The Fluke temperature humidity meter comes with an electronic capacitance polymer film sensor and a backlit dual display. It has a low battery indicator and a huge data storage capacity.