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Moglix offers superior quality and genuine Batteries from a renowned brand Exide. Easily browse through our assortment and explore more about price, specifications, availability, and deals online for Exide Batteries . Buy these products at best prices and get them delivered at your doorstep across India.

Exide Batteries: Your Safety Partner

Exide has been one of India's most trustworthy brands for almost six decades now, with an unbeatable reputation and recall. They have become a distinct frontrunner in the lead-acid storage battery space for automotive and industrial applications due to their emphasis on innovation, extensive geographic footprint, strong relationships with clients, and steady technology upgrades with global business partners. Exide battery brand has earned the trust of many customers over the years and has held its reputation sky-high.

Exide Inverter Batteries: Best in Class & Nominally Priced

For more than seventy years, Exide inverter batteries have kept the country running. Millions of people across the country are benefiting from their extensive choice of inverter batteries. Today, Exide takes pleasure in being India's No. 1 inverter battery brand, propelled by its natural spirit of innovation and motivated by years of best-in-class technology.

The following are the reasons why Exide has been termed India’s No 1 Inverter Battery.

  • --> They ensure a longer service life and a better power output.

  • --> They offer more backups.

  • --> Theyusually have only had a few negligible plate failures.

  • --> They can tolerate extended and frequent power outages.

  • --> Deep discharge recovery is possible with these inverter batteries.

  • --> They demand less frequent topping-up.

  • --> They have improved thermal management.

They provide two types of inverter batteries: Tubular Inverter Batteries and Flat plate Inverter Batteries

Exide Car Batteries for Smooth Tension-Free Long Drives

Any vehicle's lifeline is its battery. If you own a car, make sure to learn everything you can about vehicle batteries. Exide batteries for your cars come with the following features:

  • --> Exide car battery comes with a 12 months to 77-months warranty.

  • --> For great reliability and extended life, these batteries incorporate a Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat separation.

  • --> They're made of a special paste formulation for Positive and Negative plates, which means they'll last longer and receive more charges in service.

  • --> They always start right away, indicating that they have good cranking power.

  • --> They have a long wet shelf life, which means they don't need a freshening charge for up to 6 months after production.

  • --> They feature a Robust Design, which can resist the Indian environment and high temperatures beneath the bonnet.

  • --> The robust design promotes dependability in demanding application environments.

  • --> They have a unique Side Vented Cover design, which means they are spill-resistant to a high degree.

Exide UPS Batteries for Steady Power System

The unchallenged leader in battery systems, Exide, has introduced the most up-to-date UPS or inverters for uninterrupted power supply. They have introduced advanced versions that incorporate the latest sine wave and square wave technology to fit any application, load need, operating condition, or budget. These Home UPS systems come in two varieties: higher KVA and lower KVA.

The main features that make these Exide UPS batteries stand out amongst all are as follows:

  • --> High-quality Pure Sine Wave technology is used to create them. Pure Sine Waves are created using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP).

  • --> They use transformers made entirely of pure copper.

  • --> They have a high input voltage from the mains (90 to 300).

  • --> They use thermal Circuit Breakers.

  • --> They are equipped with LCD/LED panels.

Significant benefits of these Home UPS systems are:

  • --> They don't make a humming noise and extend the life of your home appliances.

  • --> There will be no light flickering at any moment, even if the power is cut off.

  • --> They appear to be more efficient because they can run more appliances at the same VA rating.

  • --> Low and high-voltage operations can benefit from their consistent and uninterrupted power.

  • --> They have a resettable switch that is easy to use.

  • --> They are simple to comprehend.

Why Buy Exide Batteries Online

Exide provides a full range of services, including equipment selection, battery sizing, optimal room arrangement, installation, operation, and maintenance. Exide has a distribution network and service that is constantly monitored and updated to keep up with changing life cycles, and it is always one step ahead of the competition. This makes it the right choice to opt for an Exide battery for your needs. Shop online for any Exide battery, and get them safely delivered to your doorstep. Enjoy this hassle-free service at your comfort.