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Exide: Complete Battery Solutions for Cars, Bikes, and Inverters

Exide, a global battery leader, stands for cutting-edge battery technology and the finest quality for both aftermarket and OEM applications. Exide provides a full range of services, including equipment selection, battery sizing, optimal room arrangement, installation, operation, and maintenance. They have a distribution network and service that is constantly monitored and updated to keep up with changing life cycles, and it is always one step ahead of the competition. Exide is proud of its more than 60 years of combined experience in R&D, manufacturing, and field operations in both traditional flooded and VRLA designs.

Exide Car Battery:

  • --> Spill-proof: The Omega type cover is fitted with a Venturi type chamber lid and an anti-splash guard feature, providing superior spill resistance.

  • --> A Quick-Start Every Time: Customer satisfaction is ensured with good cranking power and a longer life expectancy.

  • --> Ready to Use: The batteries have been factory charged and are ready to use.

  • --> Technology: Improved alloy system for high-temperature, low-maintenance applications.

  • --> Vibration effect is reduced: The compact element design ensures that the battery can resist significant vibration in use.

  • --> Separation of Double Clad Polyethylene and Glass Mat for outstanding dependability and extended life.

  • --> Long wet shelf life: no need to add freshener for up to 6 months after production.

  • --> Positive and Negative plates with a unique paste formulation have a longer life expectancy and better charge acceptance in service.

  • --> Warranty: They provide a warranty for different car battery models from 18 months to 77 months.

Exide Bike Battery:

The VRLA battery line was created specifically for the latest generation of two-wheelers. These batteries have unique features that are designed to withstand the rigours of two-wheeler riding on Indian roads.

  • --> Even when positioned in a tilted or inclined position, their spill-proof design protects against leaking.

  • --> The acid-starved situation reduces harmful ultra-deep discharges and prevents plate shedding, resulting in prolonged plate life.

  • --> Low self-discharge is a result of their sophisticated Lead-Calcium technology.

  • --> Their battery's unique Gas Recombination mechanism minimizes water loss, making them maintenance-free.

  • --> The Flame Arrestor is a one-of-a-kind device that offers improved safety.

  • --> Longer shelf life and better life cycle performance are the results of superior component design.

  • --> They provide vibration resistance that is explicitly intended for difficult roads.

  • --> An absorbed glass mat (AGM) separator with exceptional absorption and homogeneous compression ensures long-term performance without the use of water.

  • --> Warranty: Their various bike battery models offer a warranty of 36 to 48 months.

Exide Inverter Battery Types and Specifications

There are two types of inverter batteries. They are:

  • --> Tubular battery

  • --> Flat-plate battery

They are known as the best for the following reasons:

  • --> Longer longevity and greater power output are guaranteed.

  • --> Offers higher backups.

  • --> Plate failures in them are rare, which means less maintenance or repairs.

  • --> Prolonged and frequent power outages can be tolerated.

  • --> They have quick recovery ability after a deep discharge.

  • --> They require less frequent topping-up.

  • --> Their thermal management is improved.

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For almost six decades, Exide has been one of India's most dependable brands, with an unrivaled reputation and recall. They have gained their consumers' trust by supplying high-quality products. You may look them up online and pick the right battery for you. Order them at your convenience and take pleasure in the shopping experience.