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Eveready Industries India Limited was earlier known as Union Carbide India Limited, which is the flagship company of the B.M Khaitan group. This brand has been present in India since 1905. Their operating offices are located at Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Navi Mumbai. The first dry cell batteries were imported from the USA and were sold in the major cities of the country. These batteries were mainly used in torches. They also set up a torch manufacturing company at Lucknow in 1958, and today it is one of the largest manufacturing plants in South Asia.

Why to choose Eveready above other brands?

They have an experience of over 100 years. They celebrated their 100 year anniversary in India in 2005. They are India’s largest selling brand of dry cell batteries and flashlights, with dominant market shares of about 46% and 85% respectively. They have some big achievements with them

  • They started their Indian operations with the sale of batteries imported from the USA in 1905.

  • They set up their first arc carbon factory at canal road, Kolkata India in 1926.

  • They incorporated as a private company on 12 November 1934.

  • They established the first modern battery plant at Kolkata in 1939.

  • In 1958 they set its torch manufacturing plant in Lucknow.

  • In 2000 Bishnauth Tea Company merged with Eveready Industries India Limited.

They have their business interest spreading across different products and are now selling a good variety of products across the globe.


They have a zinc-carbon battery which is mainly used in toys, cameras, torches, Walkman, etc. Another type of batteries is alkaline batteries which are the most popular type of batteries that are used in electronic gadgets in modern times. The Eveready rechargeable batteries are one of the pioneers as a brand of rechargeable batteries and chargers that introduced in India.


They introduced digiLED torches that use power efficient LEDs in place of incandescent bulbs. They also have brass torches that are reliable, durable and repairable; these are commonly used in rural areas. Other types of torches are aluminum and plastic torches which have strong durable bodies.

Lighting Solutions

IN 2007 they launched compact fluorescent lamps; they also offer halogen lamps for outdoor lighting and video shooting. They also have a range of incandescent bulbs in different sizes, voltages, and colors.

They have been selling dry cell batteries from a very long time span. There is no replacement for the quality provided by them. Their batteries have shown the best performance from the century. The brand has a professional team working to provide the best experience to the customer with providing best quality.

When should I use Eveready alkaline batteries?

Eveready alkaline batteries are the best source for low mid-drain devices such as Motor toys, security devices like an alarm, smoke detectors, etc. pagers, remote control models, etc.

How long do the Eveready batteries last in a package?

Eveready batteries have a shelf life up to seven years in the package.