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Best-in-class Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Solutions for Building and Repairing Homes

Waterproofing has actually made it to the requisites of many homeowners, irrespective of the fact whether their home is under-construction, or renovation. And owing to this great demand, Dr Fixit has introduced a comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions. These products are apt for usage in new construction and repair activities, and for critical surfaces like roof, external walls, structure, foundation, internal walls, bathrooms and water bodies. This large assortment of Dr Fixit products is supported by wide retail and online availability, with a technical team to help you out in case of any bottleneck, easy-to-reach brand helpline, all of this working towards achieving the aim of making India Leak and Damp Free!

Reason Behind Dr Fixit’s Success

The world at large knows that Dr Fixit waterproofing solutions are second to none; however what they aren’t aware of is that Dr Fixit products are created and developed in modern R&D centres across India, Middle East & Singapore, entailing thousands of professionals, working coherently to make world class waterproofing solutions, helping you combat your leaky roofs and walls. In addition, Dr Fixit employs advanced manufacturing facilities and highly trained professionals. Moreover, the brand also indulges in imparting specialized training and services to professionals, apart from offering modern waterproofing solutions to consumers.

Various Types of Dr Fixit Waterproofing Solutions

While wading through the assortment of Dr Fixit at Moglix.com, you’ll be presented with a wide range of innovative construction chemicals in waterproofing, building repairs, tile fixing, sealants, coatings and even paints. Moreover, not just these, Dr Fixit products extend beyond water proofing, they also offer grouts, anchors and industrial flooring. All of these products are easily available online on Moglix, and even cement, building materials, paints and hardware stores.

Dr Fixit URP

Dr Fixit URP is unquestionably a highly sought after product, owing to its versatile applicability in waterproofing of sunken portions of toilets and bathrooms, balcony and even staircases. Dr Fixit URP works best as an additive for economical waterproofing of roofs and terraces with a protective screen over it. Dr Fixit URP can also be used as a repair catalyst for involving concrete and masonry repairs like spalled concrete of floors, beams, slabs and more.

Dr Fixit Roofseal

Dr Fixit Roofseal is surely one cutting edge waterproofing solution, owing to its elastomeric anatomy, which is based on the principles of synthetic resin emulsion. Dr fixit Roofseal is a water based with low VOC’s, which adds to its sustainability as a waterproofing coating, for years to come. Although it is a tough solution, however it is still flexible for application to any thickness by a roller or squeegee, creating a fully adhered waterproof coating with minimal or no wastage at all.

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We at Moglix have on-boarded a comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions, sourced from Dr Fixit. All of the products that have been competitively priced so as to facilitate our customers to accrue best value for money.

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