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Dewalt – The Name You Can Trust

Since its inception in 1922, Dewalt has committed itself to manufacture power tools that provide ease to your day to day work. After undertaking extensive research, Dewalt manufactures a wide range of products that have been specifically designed in and around your house. When you need to get work done, trust only Dewalt to get the work done efficiently and reliably. All the products offer unmatched protection and safety from hazards.

On Moglix, you’ll be presented with a wide range of Dewalt products like drill machines, angle grinder, drill sets, Single Bevel meter Saw, measuring and layout tools, among others.

Dewalt drills – Dewalt makes a wide range of drills like hammer drills, power drills, impact drills etc. These drills come with an integrated Bluetooth technology, which helps the users to track its battery utilization, material and equipment. This powerful tool can be used in a variety of materials like wood, plastic, aluminium and light steel.

Dewalt angle grinder - Angle Grinders are available in different size variants for the various needs of the customers. They have no lock on them and come with a Kickback Brake. Its long-lasting brushless motor is durable and needs minimal maintenance.

Dewalt drill sets – They are a combination of Dewalt’s finest drill products. Dewalt drill sets are your ideal choice for commercial and residential use.

Dewalt measuring and layout tools - A wide range of laser distance levels, line lasers, long tapes, spot lasers, rotary lasers and optical instruments are made by Dewalt for your measuring and layout needs.

Over the years, Dewalt has enjoyed the position of the most preferred brand due to its exclusive quality and its wide range of products. Dewalt power tools have always been a superior choice for the customers due to their extraordinary quality and unmatched utility.