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Damor: Perfect for the Best Pumps

Damor is one of the most reliable companies to buy any kind of pump. It is one of the top submersible pump manufacturers which is widely appreciated for the high-quality pumps. Damor offers pumps that deliver optimum performance and are the best in class technology.

Their pumps have hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. You can find various beneficial features of Damor pumps like the ability to overcome the problem associated with a high elevation difference between the pump and the fluid surface. Their pumps are highly efficient and can be used for a variety of purposes.

The Best Option for Reliable Pumps

Damor offers a variety of pumps in the market and its pumps have several features that make them highly durable and reliable too. Check some of these features here:

Highly Efficient: Damor pumps are designed very cleverly and are manufactured with the latest technologies. So, these pumps are perfect to lift waste liquids even with suspended solids.

Robust Design: The robust design of Damor pumps enables them to serve for a longer time and also make it a preferable choice.

Protection: Some Damor pumps have an in-built overload motor protector having an automatic reset feature that ensures protection against power overload.

Popular Products of Damor Available at Moglix

Damor offers a vast range of pumps that are the perfect choice for domestic applications as well as for industrial uses. Their submersible pumps are suitable for draining cellars and garages that are subject to flooding. These pumps are particularly used for emergencies such as draining waste from subways, emptying muddy swimming pools, and tanks or rivers.

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