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Canon India Pvt. Ltd. is Canon Inc.'s sales and marketing arm in India. Canon Inc. is a global pioneer in imaging technologies. Canon India, which was founded in 1997, sells a wide range of advanced contemporary digital imaging equipment and solutions in India. Canon's product portfolio includes Digital Production Printers, Large Format Printers, Commercial Printers, Multi-Functional Devices, Managed Document Services, Inkjet & Laser Printers, Document and Cheque Scanners, Digital Cameras, DSLRs, and other products that cater to the consumer, SME, B2B, Commercial, GIS, PSUs and other market segments.

Canon Scanners and Their Features:

Canon scanners can be categorized on the basis of their serving purpose as follows:

Personal Scanners:

Canon's portable scanners give you the freedom to scan securely while on the road. This compact personal scanner is portable and offers a trustworthy scanning experience with its speed and safe mobile scanning operation.

  • --> They can scan documents in A4 and Legal sizes.

  • --> They have a Fast Scan Speed of 7.5 seconds for each image.

  • --> They have a USB port.

Workgroup Scanners:

High-speed scanning system that accepts a wide range of documents, including thin paper, postcards, envelopes, and even passports. This tiny scanner comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for mobile scanning, making it a true space saver for your office. With speedier processing capabilities and crystal clear outputs, you can improve your workflow. A high-quality scanner can help increase work efficiency in your business by scanning many documents fast.

  • --> They scan papers that are A4 in size.

  • --> They can operate at a rate of 45ppm/90ipm.

  • --> They have a 60-sheet ADF capacity.

Departmental Scanners:

Canon office scanners provide versatile scanning in a small package. These office scanners are made to be as accessible and flexible as possible, and they can scan a wide range of documents. Scanners for offices were created to meet the needs of small, medium, and large organizations while also improving overall work quality.

  • --> They scan papers that are A4 in size.

  • --> They operate at a rate of 40ppm/80ipm.

  • --> Their ADF has a 50-sheet capacity.

Network Scanners:

Get network scanners that are very secure for efficient document distribution. Canon Network Scanners help you share business information across a network. Paper documents may be collected, converted, and shared efficiently with a user-friendly touchscreen interface and intuitive features for increased collaboration and productivity.

  • --> They scan papers up to the size of an A4 sheet.

  • --> They may work at a 45ppm/90ipm rate.

  • --> They have a 60-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF).

Production Scanners:

A3 scanners provide quick and precise scans as well as rapid productivity. Canon's A3 scanners combine versatility and simplicity with high speeds and dependable document handling. These A3 scanners offer full capabilities in a desktop style that efficiently captures documents in any corporate setting.

  • --> They scan papers up to the size of an A3 sheet.

  • --> They can work at a 60ppm/120ipm speed.

  • --> Their ADF has a 100-sheet capacity.

Most of the multi-functional printers also serve as scanners. They are durable, reliable, and efficient in carrying out all the tasks easily and perfectly.

Canon Anchors and Their Applications:

Pure zinc is used to make Canon Anchors. These anchors are entirely rustproof and may be installed in hard media such as quality concrete and soft media such as brick masonry, lightweight concrete, and so on. They can be used for any form of brick or blockwork. They are also used to install sanitary facilities, conduit pipes, signboards, fence guard rails, and lighting fixtures, among other things. Giving additional support to existing fixtures, securing handrails, signage, and other metalwork are among its features. You can find them in varied length ranges of 75mm to 200 mm.

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Canon takes pride in bringing high-quality products to market and helping to reduce the environmental impact of its products through the effective use of green technology. Canon focuses on developing environmentally friendly products that are smaller, lighter, and easier to recycle. You may now contribute to this worthwhile cause by purchasing Canon products widely available on all e-commerce sites. Select a product that suits your requirements and place an order at your leisure. Enjoy your shopping trip without any fuss.