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Berger Paints: A Royal Choice for Silk-like Texture

Berger Paints India Ltd exists as a renowned brand that has achieved a huge growth with a large market share. The brand has made its international presence in Nepal, Poland, Russia, and Bangladesh. It emerges with a vigorous paint portfolio and uses a tailor-made service for the customers. It has attained a huge reputation for being the most famous coating solution provider. It aims at advancing with innovation and maximizing value of shareholder with the adoption of the best solutions to cater to the widespread needs of customers.

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Berger Synthetic Enamel

For a mirror-like gloss, synthetic enamel is an excellent option. It can withstand any weather conditions in India. With a shining look, the painted surfaces give an eye-catching attraction. This enamel holds a resistant behavior towards any kind of household stains. It acts like protection over the painted walls or any other surface. Give a new look to your old windows, doors, gates, or grills with synthetic enamel.

Berger Wood Primer

It is a quality coating of the wood which helps in bringing smoothness on the surface level. It helps to prevent any problems associated with the final paint coating layer. It adds a great adhesion to the topmost coating. When painting, it is important to choose the primer also. It is important to keep the wood primer at a far-away distance from the fire.

Berger Paint Thinner

This solvent is extremely useful to thin the paints which are oil-based and can be used for cleaning purposes also. It is suitable for every kind of oil painting without any problem. It eliminates out all the impurities in order to provide a clear liquid that doesn’t change the color shade when used with any paint color.

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