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Astral Pipes for Top-Notch Pipe Fittings

Astral is renowned for piping industry innovation and creating new standards. At Astral, the focus has been on bringing newer plumbing technologies and continual innovation in both existing and new goods. This specific concentration allows the brand to raise the bar and set an example for others. Astral is also known for providing uncompromised quality and consistently exceeding customer expectations. This brand's purpose has been to retain and expand a dominant presence in customers’ minds by consistently delivering promised values, from new piping technologies to inventive brand communications. Astral pipes are the one-stop solution for all plumbing solutions.

Astral PVC Pipes and Its Attributes

Astral PVC pipes are one of the most extensively utilized pipes for all drainage and agricultural systems. They are highly durable and tough, making them suited for even the most extreme situations. Furthermore, their resilience ensures that they will last longer, which is critical in underground systems.

Astral Foamcore pipes are available from Astral Pipes, one of India's leading pipe brands. These are multilayer pipes with typical PVC outer and inner layers and a foamed PVC middle layer. The outside and inner layers increase load-bearing capability, while the middle layer of foamed PVC keeps the pipe in shape under load without adding to its weight.

PVC farm pipe fittings have become popular due to several significant characteristics. The following are some of them:

  • --> PVC pipes are incredibly robust, making them an excellent choice for farming in any climate. Unlike metal pipes, they are resistant to rust and corrosion. They are also impervious to dampness and chemicals.

  • --> PVC pipes are extremely long-lasting. They are unlikely to be harmed soon due to their toughness. Long-term efficiency is ensured while maintenance and replacement expenses are reduced.

  • --> PVC pipes are light and easy to carry, which is one of the main reasons why major agricultural water pipe manufacturers have switched to them. PVC pipes are particularly cost-effective to transport because they are a quarter of the weight of metal pipes.

  • --> These pipes are also easier to use and install, which saves time and labour.

  • --> Agriculture is carried out on a vast scale in India, accounting for over 20% of the country's GDP in 2020-21. This necessitates the use of cost-effective solutions in addition to efficiency. These pipes are inexpensive to operate and install, making them an excellent choice.

  • --> Improved water flow is possible because of the thicker pipes and higher-quality manufacture. This guarantees that precious resources are used to their full potential.

  • --> Leak-proof PVC pipes and fittings are another attributes of leading farm PVC pipes and fittings. These pipes are highly sturdy and have a high impact strength, making them resistant to damages that could lead to leaks and other system difficulties.

  • --> PVC farm pipes and fittings are UV resistant, ensuring that they work effectively even under extreme weather conditions.

Astral UPVC Pipes and Features:

Astral UPVC Pipes are used as a pressure piping system that can be used in various applications such as agricultural, irrigation, water supply, industrial process lines, swimming pools, and firefighting mains, among others.

The significant features of UPVC pipes by Astral are as follows:

  • --> Handling, shipment, and installation are all made simple.

  • --> They are suitable for Chemical resistance.

  • --> The material is not conductive.

  • --> They Improve flow and leak-proof connections.

  • --> They have high durability and strength.

  • --> They are UV protected.

Astral CPVC Pipes and Characteristics:

Astral CPVC pipes and fittings have become the most popular plumbing systems in both residential and commercial applications. These pipe fittings are ideal for water systems, even under the most challenging weather situations, because they have unique qualities that provide strength and durability.

Astral CPVC offers the broadest product variety, ranging from 1.5 cm to 30 cm in diameter in schedule 40 and 80 and schedule 80 fittings that meet ASTM standards. Thanks to its distinctive qualities, this high-quality system has also gained the most certifications from key organizations such as NSF, UPC-1, and BIS.

Their unique characteristics are as follows:

  • --> The ability of this plumbing system to resist severe temperatures is one of its most crucial features. It can endure temperatures of up to 93°C, making it a very efficient option.

  • --> This plumbing system is constructed of a robust, stiff polymer with a high impact strength to prevent pipe breakage. This results in lower maintenance and repair costs. It's also highly corrosion- and chemical-resistant, ensuring a constant supply of pure water.

  • --> CPVC pipes are lightweight and simple to install, unlike metal pipes, which are heavy and difficult to install. This enables simple transit and installation even in the most extreme environments.

  • --> These pipes provide excellent insulation. This decreases heat loss from the water, allowing for consistent water temperature and energy savings. Furthermore, the pipe's surface temperature does not reach dangerously high levels, allowing for easy handling and less stress on the plumbing system.

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