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Asian Paints : A Market Leader

Asian Paints, a brand that has been there since 1942, began as a partnership between four friends who worked for 25 years to become India's number one paint company. It was all because of its customer-centric approach and innovative spirit. Asian paints are over three times larger than the competition and hold 39 percent of the market share in such a competitive business. In addition to adding color to your ideal home, their branches spread in house restoration, decor, bathroom fittings, and kitchen products. Furniture, lighting, and furnishings, as well as a comprehensive range of disinfectants, surface cleaners, and sanitization solutions, are all part of their portfolio. The company's most recent addition to its repertoire is interior decoration and renovations.

Interior Paints and Exterior Paints for Perfect Finishing

The best part about the Asian Interior paints portfolio is that it is for everyone.

  • --> Tractor Emulsion is a budget series for Asian paints. It provides good quality, and it offers extreme value for money. It comes in 1675 shades. Covers 150-180 sq ft durability comes with 3-4 years (if 2 coats applied), it provides a matte finish.

  • --> Premium Emulsion is costlier than tractor emulsion. It also gives a rich matte finish. It comes in 1750 shades. It Covers 140-150 sq ft, and it lasts 4-6 years.

  • --> Royal Luxury Emulsion is a high-budget paint that provides sheen quality and gloss finish. It covers 140-150 sq ft per liter. It is more durable than the above two. It provides 7-8 years of protection and prevents household stains from maintaining their beauty.

  • --> Royale Shyne is a high-budget paint that provides a high-quality gloss finish that covers 140-150 sq ft. and comes with 1450 shades to choose from.

  • --> Royale Aspira is a super luxury paint and is very costly, but, at cost, it provides the smoothest finish of all and comes with antibacterial and antifungal coatings too. Covering 120-130 sq ft. durability of more than a year low odor paint, in short, best in class.

The best part about the Asian Exterior paints portfolio is that it has 3 line-ups.

  • --> Ace line-up with a budget and economical paints consisting of Ace Exterior Emulsion, Ace Advance Emulsion, Ace Shyne Emulsion.

  • --> The Apex lineup is economical and of good quality that lasts for years consists of Apex Ultima, Apex Ultima Protek, Apex Ultima Protek Lamino.

  • --> Another Apex lineup that provides 5 years of quality consists of Apex Weatherproof, ApexAdvance, Apex Shyne.

  • --> Ace Spark, Ace Spark Colors, Ace Spark Advanced are midrange dustproof options from Asian paints.

Services That Customers Can Opt for Which is Ahead of the Competition

Asian paint offers support and services like no other brand, making it a market leader for 54 years.

Expert service: Gone are those days when you had to search for local contractors. Now everything is a phone call away. Just call customer support and talk to the experts and they'll visit your home and give you the quotation at the lowest cost possible.

Trained professionals: In the times of Covid- mask, sanitisation and social distancing are essential. Professionals adhering to protocols guarantee superior finishing, full house cleaning, and no mess created when they work.

Colour consultancy online: The most critical factor for paint companies is color choices, and Asian paints provide the desired 2200 colors and consult you about color matching and combination.

Interior decoration: Home is what you feel comfortable with, and Asian paints provide interior decoration and renovation services with wall covering to make your home feel heavenly.

Kids World: Kids World is an interior theme by Asian paints that consist of Disney characters and Chota Bheem glow-up wall stickers.

Glues and Wallpapers by Asian Paints

Asian paints provide numerous products related to the household like:

  • --> Asian paints Wallcovering with more than 500 designs and colours to choose from.

  • --> Asian paints provide bathroom waterproofing membrane, damp waterproofing block, waterproof fabsil, bathroom tile adhesive glues, multipurpose adhesive glues, and repair polymer vitalia neo.

Cement and other products by Asian Paints

  • --> Asian paints offer smart care crack shield, smart care textured crack filler, smart care hybrid PU sealant, smart care akrylmax, and Universal Neutral.

  • --> Asian paints smart care tile adhesive and cement-based tile grout epoxy fixes your interior.

Benefits of Choosing Asian Paints Over Other Brands

  • --> They extract and enhance natural light.

  • --> Asian paints are dependable; even the most economical option provides 4 years of dependability if taken care of.

  • --> They are versatile because there are several options to choose from, and you can use one product with another.

  • --> They are affordable. Tractor emulsion and ace exterior emulsion are the most basic and value for money paint options available on the market.

  • --> They provide you an estimated quotation of material for your house.

Buy Asian Paint Online

Colours have the power to influence your soul directly. Create a striking accent theme and give your home a fantastic theme that you can relate to. You can now visit the e-stores for Asian paints and choose the best one for your house. Choose the payment mode convenient for you and enjoy a trouble-free shopping experience.