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Acme Safety Products: An Excellent Option for Industrial Workers

Acme brand manufactures safety products for the workers or customers involved with any industrial, construction, or other such work. It aims to create a secure environment around the workers in an industrial unit. The raw materials used under the equipment, construction is not bearing any compromising factor. It is adopting new and advanced technology to manufacture safety products.

What are the most popular products manufactured by Acme?

Steel Toe Low Ankle Safety Shoes

It is made with shock-absorbent technology and made from up to 150-degree Celsius heat resistant sole. It features chemical and oil-resistance attributes. The PVC double-density sole is made with the Barton Buffalo leather material.

Acme Safety Gloves

In this section, there exist a number of options such as heat resistance gloves, seamlessly knitted gloves, latex coated gloves, and so on. The rubber and electrical gloves are useful in several manufacturing and construction industries.

Alloy Safety Shoes

The alloy steel toe is manufactured with a Barton print leather in Derby style. It bears the ability to safeguard against any chemical, heat, electricity, or impact. It inscribes absorbent and breathable Cambrelle lining with an Anti-skid attribute.

Head Protection

It is an excellent product for protecting the head against any abrasions or bumps. It is available with a comfortable padding and sturdy cotton or poly-cotton shell. It comes in multiple ranges of varieties suiting to the needs of distinct individuals.

Acme Square Safety Gumboots

It is manufactured with the steel toe in a square-shaped. The gumboots are resistant from chemical or oil. It is resistance from any electric exposure max 18 KV for about 1 minute. It is heat resistant up to 150 degree Celsius for 1 minute. It is made from fine-quality synthetic material with a breathable textile lining.

Eye Protection

The eye protection frames are manufactured in a stylish manner with polycarbonates. It is suitable for use in construction, mining, and other industrial sectors. It acts as protection from sand and dust particles entering into the eyes.

Face Protection

Face protection masks are made from molded thermoplastic material. It is an extremely useful product in welding or electrical industries. It is like a safety helmet to protect the face from any kind of harm. It comes in a soft PVC body which is extremely comfortable.

Why choose Acme products?

The brand has gained a good reputation among customers with the availability of wide options in an affordable range. It is emerging out as a trusted dealer and serving to the widespread needs of customers. It is standing out among the competition due to the following reasons:

  • Follows international standards along with a qualitative manufacturing process.

  • Supportive team for solving any customer query.

  • The appliance of advanced techniques for quality production.