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Roller Chain Lock for the Smooth Running of Industrial Machinery

A roller chain lock is a convenient bearing tool that finds its application in several industrial types of machinery, commercial and domestic contexts. They are frequently employed to transmit mechanical power among different types of machinery. It can be used in agricultural equipment, automobiles such as cars, bikes, and bicycles, wire-drawing and tube-drawing systems, printing press machinery, industrial facilities, and many other areas.

Such operations can also include specialized areas such as construction equipment, food processing units, and oil field services. These chains consist of laminated or solid block links. These links are connected with the help of pins and side plates. They are available in many different sizes and types to suit various requirements.

Simplex Chain Lock for Lightweight Applications

The simplex chain lock is made using a series of cylindrical rollers. Side link plates are used to fasten these rollers together. A wheel with teeth known as the sprocket is utilized to drive the chain. This arrangement results in a simple system that makes for a reliable and efficient means to transmit power.

The simple chains are generally used in low-speed conveyor applications that carry a light load and in bicycles and oven doors. The construction of these locks contains two plates with a roller bearing positioned on a pin in the middle. They are used to hold sliding doors of ovens open at the required width. They are also used in cycle chains and foot-operated pedals, and hand-operated levers.

Benefits of A Duplex Chain Lock

For applications that require additional strength with moderate size loads, a duplex chain lock is used. It provides the required strength and durability, along with the smooth drive of operation. As compared to the simplex variants, these chains contain an additional row of plates. They provide the same number of sprocket teeth slots that run parallel to the first two sprockets present in the simplex model. Similarly, they contain pins and roller bearings in between.

These chains are hardened and pre-lubricated to ensure their smooth functioning. These chain modifications are useful for special operating conditions. They are usually constructed out of stainless steel material. It makes them resistant to corrosion and wears, even after prolonged durations of usage.

Triplex Chain Lock for Heavy-Duty Applications

A triplex chain lock contains two additional rows of plates. It makes a total of four plates with enough space to equip three sprockets. These are used in high-performance applications such as timing chains of automotive engines, among other uses.

The wide sidebars used in these chain locks offer superior strength. They are designed to ensure maximum wear resistance and to reduce early breaks during operation.

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