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V Belts

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Buy V Belts Online!

V belts are some of the most commonly used tools within factories. At Moglix, we are aware of the importance of these tools for industry based users. Therefore, we have come up with the latest range of V belts. The products that we offer as a part of this range are designed for use in heavy-duty applications. We are offering different V belt sizes to match up with the needs of buyers. These belts have high impact strength and water resistance. They have been manufactured under the supervision of experts to meet the existing quality standards in the industry. They are made from the high quality polyester material.

These types of industrial belts resolve the issues related with slipping and align problem. They are basically used for power transmission. These belts offer the best quality of speed of movement, traction and load of bearings. They have a long lifespan also. V-belts are normally made from rubber or polymer. However, in some cases fibers are embedded in rubber or polymer for reinforcement or strength. At Moglix, we have a clear idea of the changing demands of industry based users. To satisfy their demands, we have sourced V belts of premium quality from leading brands like Micro, Turbolfex, Fenner, Fargo etc. The products that are available as a part of this range are affordably price to suit the budget of our existing customer base. These belts are highly useful for usage in power transmission. They have a trapezoidal cross section and have many types depending on their power rating. (A, B, C, D, E). They have good frictional grip than a flat belt.

What are the Different Types of V-Belts?

There are many types of V belts which Moglix deals in. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Poly V belts - A poly V belt is a power transmission belt which features numerous longitudinal ribs. This type of belts have a monobloc design and are highly compact. They ensure high power transmission. A poly V belt helps in keeping operating costs within a reasonable range. They have been designed with a larger contact surface area as compared to other V belts or flat belts.

The iso-tension and iso-geometry technical tests. They can achieve several percent higher over 98%. They can reduce energy consumption and sometime engine size also. These types of V belts are suitable for usage as power tools, farm equipment, fan assemblies, conveyors and industrial machinery. They offer a smooth running and low noise operation at high speeds. These V belts can be also used in the textile industry also. They have a high durability and have a long lifespan.

Idler Pulleys - Idler pulley are solely utilized as belt tensioners in numerous V-belt drives. However, they play an important role in maintaining the tension which is required for driving transmission. This type of a V belt pulley can interact either with a flat or wedged side.

No torque is needed to be transmitted to this axle. Idler pulleys play a major role in reducing belt service life. These pulleys are widely used in transmissions where drive needs to clear obstructions. Idler pulleys are used in numerous material handling processes.

They are suitable for usage as a hoisting equipment. These pulleys can also be used to enhance belt driven performance. They can be utilized for minimizing belt vibration by supporting the belt’s segment which is prone to oscillation or vibration.  Idler pulleys are widely used in car engines for positive clutching action by running it on the flat belt’s slack side from engine to transmission.

Step Pulleys - Step pulleys are equipped with two or more non-adjustable grooves which have various pitches around the same shaft. This types of pulleys change the speed ratio of transmission. A step pulley is a system of pulleys which is created from many different sizes. The normal step pulley has a two-to four-pulley configuration.

This type of step pulley is normally found in devices such as drill press in which different operational speeds can be created simply by changing the belt to another pulley size. The step pulley always functions in pairs. Once the belt is changed on a pulley, it will also change the corresponding pulley on the belt’s other side. These types of pulleys are highly favorable in higher torque applications because of the V-belt’s ability to grip the pulley using greater strength.

Standard Pulleys - The standard pulleys have traditional dimensions and are equipped with one or more grooves. They mate with small engine, classic as well as hexagonal style V belts. This type of pulleys are suitable for rigging a sailboat or a crane’s lifting ability.

Companion Pulleys - Companion pulleys are equipped with integral spokes that run radially on pulley. They create a high strength to weight ratio beneficial to fractional horsepower pulleys. This type of pulleys are used in vehicles to boost their power and make them run in a smooth manner.

Leading Brands of V-Belts Available Online at Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of V belts. Some of the V belts are mentioned below:-

Turbolfex V Belts - The Turboflex V belts are made from dipped polyester cord. They have a suitable yearn construction for desired strength and yarn choice. The usage of specially treated adhesive activated polyester yarn is used for ensuring satisfactory level of static, dynamic adhesion. The cushion rubber that encapsulates the cords checks chafing of adjacent cords and meet the rigorous requirements of dynamic adhesion, resistance to ageing and structural identity.

Micro V Belts -This type of industrial heavy duty Micro v belts are well suited applications, outdoor power equipment, roller conveyors, machine tools, medical equipment and exercise equipment. They have fiber reinforced ribs which offer superb quality of wear resistance. They have added strength and are suitable for smooth running for minimal vibration at really high speed.

Gripdrive V Belts - The Gripdrive V belts which form a part of our collection are anti-static, heat and oil resistant. They come with a polyester cord neoprene jacket. The teeth and belt backing of these V belts have been created using highly loadable and polycholropene-based elastomer materials. They are firmly bonded to tension member and fabric facing.

Fenner V Belts - Our collection of Fenner V belts have an excellent finishing. They are rust proof and have ability to withstand different challenging conditions. These V-belts are easier to install and ensure minimized drive vibration. They come with a simplified drive design.

Feeder V Belts - The Feeder V belts that are available at Moglix have been created using the latest hot bonding and welding techniques. The presence of vulcanized splice offers strength and dependability. These belts are designed to offer a longer service for numerous bulk handling applications.

Fargo V Belts - These V belts come with a technically good design and are affordable for most of the ordinary drives which you come across. These Fargo V-belts are anti-static, oil and heat resistant. They can be used in numerous applications in which belt linear speeds don’t exceed 30 meters/sec.

Endura V Belts - These Endura V belts are made from specially selected high-quality rubber materials with HMLS polyester cord. They are designed for usage in heavy applications because of their extraordinary high impact strength, capacity and wear resistance.

Ecordrive V Belts - The Ecodrive V- belts are made of high-quality rubber. They are compliant with high-quality certification standards. The excellent operational reliability and is because of the use of chloroprene and HMLS polyester cord and rubber jacket fabric.

Crysto Premium V Belts - The Crysto V belts which are tolerance stable manufactured and tolerance-stable. They complex with the length tolerances and therefore can be used for pre-setting without sorting. The belt core has been made from the best quality of HMLS polyester cord and comprising the rubber compression zone. It is resistant to intensive compressions and heat stresses.

Contitech V Belts - These V belts are ideal for usage in all types of machine engineering. The banded Contitech V belts which are available as a part of this range have a robust drive. They offer slip-free, synchronous power transmission. These belts ensure slip free, synchronous power transmission.

Brando Power V Belts - The Brando Power V- belts that are being offered as a part of this range have a superb loading capacity as well as dimensional stability. They have a longer belt life and ensure a high level of productivity.

Banggood Power V Belts - The V belts from Banggood Power V belts which we have on offer as a part of our collection can be installed on existing pulleys without any set-up changes. Therefore, there is no downtime. Nor there is a need to use tools. Installation can be completed within seconds without tear-downs or issues with rusted motor bases.

Why Buy V Belts Online from Moglix?

At Moglix, we are aware of the changing needs of industry based buyers. The V belts supplied to us are from trustworthy suppliers who have been in this business for a couple of years. In order to make the buying process a simple one for people, we have mentioned V belt specification for each model offered as a part of our online collection. A close look at each of this specification and the price range will help you buy V belts online of your preference within your budget. The V belt price has been devised keeping in touch with the spending power of buyers.

At Moglix, we believe that an efficient production process can be ensured only through the use of high-quality appliances. Therefore, we have painstakingly created this category to meet up with the needs of buyers from different backgrounds. To acquire the best deals on V belts, select from the assortment of options available online at Moglix!

Top Selling V Belts Price List in India

V Belts - Price Range

V BeltsMin PriceMax Price
Micro V Belts₹140₹17815
Fenner V Belts₹8₹14921
Contitech V Belts₹54₹14517
Microbelts V Belts₹143₹1625
Item Code - A100 V Belts₹364₹1987
Item Code - A101 V Belts₹400₹2000
Height - 4.7 Mm V Belts₹143₹1625
Height - 8 Mm V Belts₹99₹3560
Height - 11 Mm V Belts₹134₹3762
Height - 14 Mm V Belts₹244₹6849
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.