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Buy Car Spare Parts Online at Reasonable Prices

Taking care of your car is a challenging task because a vehicle, which is essentially a machine, is made up of thousands of distinct parts, some of which are the same and others of which are polar opposites. There is much more to an automobile than what meets the eye. It is not just a set of four wheels, a steering wheel, and a gear lever to get you moving. When the original equipment breaks, spare parts are objects that are used as a backup. As a result, there is a critical requirement for OEM-grade spare parts in order to prevent any unexpected tragedy brought on by faulty spare parts. The need for high-quality spare parts is extremely important in order to prevent between breaks. Rather than relying on your neighbourhood mechanic while looking for spare parts, it is advised that you check out what Moglix has to offer. Every spare component we stock is a genuine OEM part; thus, no matter what conditions these parts are stored in, they will always function properly and be dependable. Additionally, you can select from the most prestigious spare parts brands, including Speedwav, Hella, Aeroh, and Roots.


Various Types of High Quality Auto Parts to Buy According to Need

Brake Pads: The brake pads are a crucial component of your car's braking system. These brake pads are situated between your brake shoe and the brake drum. They are made of a flat piece of steel with a thick layer of friction substance on one side. Different friction materials are used depending on the size and kind of vehicle as well as the braking calliper. If these pads aren't operating perfectly, other parts of your car will start to deteriorate. In order to prevent expensive repairs and reckless driving, it's crucial to maintain your brake pads. Therefore, when it comes time to replace the worn brake pads on your car, be sure to get the top quality pads.


Brake Shoes: A brake is very necessary to stop a moving vehicle. Brake shoes are a component of the mechanism in automotive drum brakes. These parts have a rough rubbing texture and are crescent-shaped. They are located in the brake drum's interior lining. These components have friction material on one side. When the brake is engaged, the automotive brake shoe functions as an efficient device to instantly stop the car. A wheel cylinder pumps this braking component out of the drum brake system as you apply the brakes to your car while driving. This will cause friction between the liner and the drum. As a result, the vehicle either stops or applies the brakes. As a result, heat will be produced as kinetic energy that is then lost.


Rotor Brakes: Rotor brakes are a crucial part of the braking system that stops your car. Brake discs and brake rotors are synonyms. These are the parts that tighten a clamp to stop the wheel from rotating. There are various brake rotor types available, just as other braking components. Large metal plates that are mounted to the wheel are what the brake rotors appear to be like. Its primary purpose is to provide a grip for the brake pads to latch onto when the brake pedal is depressed and the callipers apply pressure. In the end, this procedure slows the spinning of the wheels and brings the car to a halt. Without brake rotors, it would be hard to stop the car, which could result in numerous accidents and casualties. 


Shock Absorber: Any time a tyre comes into touch with the uneven ground, it makes it more challenging to steer, brake, or drive. Shock absorbers enter the picture. A shock absorber, also known as a snubber, is a hydraulic device that inhibits the compression and stretching of springs and controls the unintended motion of a vehicle mounted on springs. The vibratory vibrations are slowed down and made less intense by this gadget. It accomplishes this by transforming the shock's kinetic energy into another type of energy. The majority of these absorbers are a type of damper or dashpot that opposes motion by creating viscous friction.


Fuel Pump: The fuel pump is an integral part of a car or other internal engine devices. Many engines don't even need a gasoline pump; they can just use gravity to draw fuel from the fuel tank. A low pressure/high volume supply pump is located in the tank of fuel-injected engines, and a high pressure/low volume pump is located on or close to the engine. Fuel pressure requirements must be met for an engine to function correctly. The engine will run rough and rich and won't burn all of the fuel being pumped, making it inefficient and polluting if the fuel pressure is too high. However, if the pressure is too low, the engine can start to run lean, misfire, or stall.


Things to Consider Before Investing in Auto Spare Parts

Warranty: You cannot afford to purchase a spare part that does not come with a reliable guarantee if you have already invested in one. Spare components without a warranty typically don't guarantee long-term performance. They might derail soon. After then, you'll need to reinvest on a spare part. In order to prevent these issues, look for a warranty. Your automotive components can be kept safe with even a brief warranty.


Compatibility: Many times, compatibility is undervalued. We become preoccupied with pricing and discounts while purchasing spare parts and neglect to consider compatibility. Even the highest quality spare component is useless if it cannot be used with your car. Most of the time, if you are purchasing spare parts online, you will observe that most websites allow you to specifically search for spare parts for the make and model of your car. You can use this to verify compatibility.


Check the product's authenticity: The most important thing to do before purchasing any spare parts is to confirm the item's authenticity. You should also determine if the part is in good functioning order or not and whether it satisfies your criteria. Cross-referencing with the website of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the best technique to tell real components from fakes. You can be certain that a part is authentic if it is listed on the website of an OEM.


Top Brands to Buy Dependable Spare Parts from

Autocue Spare PartsAutocue is a well-known company that sells low-cost, high-quality car spare parts. Their products stand out because they contribute to cost savings and the brand also offers a warranty on their products. Autocue spare parts require little maintenance and are easy to use.


Cedron Spare PartsCedron is a well-known car auto spare parts manufacturer that uses high-quality raw materials. The incredible variety of the goods will allow you to work quickly and effectively. Their products are affordable and suitable for a wide range of automobiles.


Driveline Spare PartsDriveline ensures high quality through extensive industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and unique product designs. Their spare parts are highly durable and compact, and they are available at low wholesale prices. Driveline guarantees the highest equipment standards at the most competitive prices.


AOW Spare Parts: AOW, one of the world's leading car spare parts brand, provides exceptional performance and long-lasting results. Their creations are easy to use, secure, and safe. After careful market research, their products are obtained from the most trustworthy and authorised providers.


We also offer auto spare parts from other renowned brands, such as Motherson, Autopop, Monroe, Festo, Durelo, Bosch, and more.


Buy an Exclusive Range of Car Spare Parts at the Best Price

Your search is over if you're looking for dependable, high-performance spare parts. Moglix, one of the best e-commerce businesses in the country, sells auto spare parts from reputable manufacturers. This web portal provides an all-around pleasing experience- premium products, special deals, or a seamless online shopping experience. Using Moglix's user-friendly software, you can easily and comfortably browse our products. Clients can easily compare the features and costs of various brands before making a decision, thanks to the simple navigation. Furthermore, Moglix offers exclusive discounts on orders for bulk purchases at discounted rates. Top-brand auto parts at the lowest prices can be found here.

Spare Parts - Price Range

Spare PartsMin PriceMax Price
Brake Rotors₹784₹4068
Brake Shoes₹165₹2569
Shock Absorber₹150₹21875
Brake Pads₹143₹1715
This data was last updated on 1/29/23.