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A clutch release bearing, also known as a throw-out bearing, is a simple and important component that is used when the clutch pedal does not work properly. A bad throw-out bearing affects shifting and can lead to failure of other clutch components.

When you push the clutch pedal with afoot, it releases bearing closer to a flywheel. This pressurizes the release fingers that cause a disconnection between the engine and wheels and allows you to shift into a different gear.

When a clutch pedal is released, clutch release bearing returns to its original position where the power of the engine is transferred through the drive wheels of a car.

Common Bad Clutch Release Bearing Symptoms

Strange Noise: The most common sign of a bad throwout bearing is when you hear various noises from your clutch pedal. If there is too much space between the rollers, then this issue occurs. These can include rattling, grinding, squealing, growling, or whirling sounds. It causes due to rollers in the bearing gets wearing out over time and losing some materials.

Clutch Pedal Vibrations: When you press down on a clutch pedal, it should move smoothly. But if vibration comes from a pedal, your clutch release bearing is defective. It is the result of bearing being unable to properly line up with the pressure plate.

Gear Shifting Issues: Gear shifts should be smooth. If you have some difficulties with shifts, it can be due to the failure of the clutch release bearing. In this situation, the clutch is not fully engaging. If you don’t unfix this issue, you can expect gear shifting issues also.

Clutch is too Stiff: Like other components, clutch release bearing is also manufactured with special lubrication properties for its smooth working for a long time. When the bearing wears down, the lubrication properties also wear down.

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Clutch Release Bearing - Price Range

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Valeo Clutch Release Bearing₹363₹986
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.