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When Visibility Drops - Use Fog Lights

Most vehicles come with only high and low beam light headlights. But these lights are not sufficient while driving during foggy conditions. To drive safely in such conditions, fog lights have been introduced. But it is quite surprising that many drivers do not really understand when those lights should be used. The simple answer is – foggy.

These fog lights work in poor visibility conditions, including fog, mist, snow, and even blowing sand. These lights are placed in the lower bumper cover on most modern vehicles. The low placement of fog lights on a vehicle makes it easier for the light beam to hit the road without interference. Fog lights are not just used for reflection; these lights also aware other drivers about your presence on the road.

Why Use Fog Lamp for Car?

Fog lights are used to provide better visibility on the road during fog and other unfavorable conditions. Their benefits can be described as:

  • Improved vehicle visibility in bad weather

  • Improved driving comfort

  • Security gain

  • Savings (use quality bulbs)

Best Brands of Fog Lights Available at Moglix

Autogold is a very popular brand for automotive accessories. Buy the best fog lights from this brand and get the best service for a long time.

Dlaa is a reputed brand that offers a wide range of fog lights for bike and fog lamps for a car. Dlaa fog lights are very reliable and durable too.

Hella offers a wide range of automotive accessories to its consumers. Their fog lights are the best solution to drive during foggy conditions.

Love4ride: Moglix offers a wide range of Love4ride automotive accessories. You can find the best selection of fog lights here at the best price.

Why Buy Fog Lights Online from Moglix?

Moglix is an online B2B platform that offers a fantastic range of fog lights. So, if you are planning to buy these lights, visit and get the best deals on fog lights and other cars/bike accessories. These fog lights are available from the best of the brands and you can buy them at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fog Lights

When should I use fog lights?

According to the Highway Code, fog lights should only be utilised when visibility is less than 100 metres (328 feet), or about the length of a football field, in the fog (rule 226). When driving, failing to use your fog lights when necessary, could endanger your safety and the safety of those around you.

Are fog lights good for night driving?

Everyday visibility problems are made worse by low light or at night. Because of this, most cars also have a fog light system in addition to the standard headlights. Fog lights, which are more effective at cutting through the fog than headlights are actually quite useful when travelling in hazardous situations.

Fog Lights - Price Range

Fog LightsMin PriceMax Price
Autogold Fog Lights₹595₹2858
JBRIDERZ Fog Lights₹149₹1099
Love4ride Fog Lights₹214₹862
Andride Fog Lights₹399₹1033
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