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Car Lightings

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Buy The Best Car Lights For The Safe Driving Experience

Car lights are essential for driving your car safely, especially at night and during bad weather conditions. Your headlights should always keep the road illuminated, giving you a clear view of what lies ahead. Compared to lights in older models, modern-day lights and lamps for cars are brighter and better. Different cars have different car headlights, and you might consider modernizing your old car's lights.

If you see your headlights becoming dimmer, you should strongly consider replacing your car headlights. The need to change lights depends on how frequently you drive at night. If you have been driving your car for at least five years, check the headlights to ensure that they provide optimal performance. You can add decorative interior and exterior LED lights to add a unique character to your car.

Car Lights Available in the Market

Headlights Dipped headlights are the most commonly used headlights that are brighter than sidelights. They must be used when visibility is significantly reduced. These headlights are angled downwards, illuminating the roads. You should use them while driving at night or in bad weather. Modern cars have full beam headlights angled higher than dipped headlights. They provide a much broader view of the road. These must be used only at night on unlit stretches of road.

Fog lights Fog lights must be used to provide visibility through fog and mist. Usually, fog lights come in two sets for the front and back with color-coded switches.

Tail lights Tail lights are fitted on the back of your car and are in red. They automatically turn on and off along with headlights. Brake lights are also in red, located near tail lights. They warn the vehicles at the back that you are applying brakes.

LED Projector Lights - These Car LED projector lights are much brighter than reflector headlights. The LED strips are great for car interiors. You can easily find color changing lights that change colors based on music or your voice.

Factors To Consider While Buying Car Lights?

Compatibility – Always ensure that your automotive lighting is compatible with your car model.

Wattage – Intense lights usually have more wattage but consume more car power. You should always replace bulbs with the same wattage, but if you want to upgrade to a higher wattage, you may also have to install a power module.

Kelvin rating – Depending on the motor laws, there are legal limits to the color of lights. You should check the Kevin rating to ensure that you choose the right applicable color for your car.

Lumens – Lumens indicate light intensity. The higher the number, the brighter the lights will be. Intensity will also be affected by color.

Lifespan – Halogen lights, usually found in older cars, have the shortest life span. HID headlights are good for about 3000 hours. Modern car LED lights last much longer, for up to 100,000 hours.

Alignment – Always choose right side or left side lights accordingly. You should also ensure that the lights you buy are in accordance with the direction bias for driving in your country.

Auto-leveling – While replacing lights for heavy-duty trucks, choose auto-leveling lights that change their position according to the weight fluctuation and acceleration.

Famous Car Headlight Brands

JBRIDERZ JBRIDERZ is a trusted brand for car lights. You can find amazing fog lights, led lights and vehicle lights that greatly visibility while driving.

Uno Minda - Established in 1980, Uno Minda is a leading automative lamps manufacturer. This brand is steadily growing at 25% CAGR. Their headlights are easy to assemble and well known for their long life.Autogold has been around since 1997, providing high-quality lights and accessories for automobiles. You can find different types of lights for both interior and exterior of your car.

Lumax D.K Jain group that is going strong from 1945, is the parent company of Lumax lights. The company is a pioneer in car lights, boasting 60% of the market share in the Indian automobile business. The tail lights and fog lights from Lumax are well known for greatly increasing visibility at night. Osram is another well-known brand manufacturing different types of car lights and bulbs. You can find high-quality halogen and Xenon headlights made by Osram.

How To Buy The Best Value Automotive Lighting From Moglix?

Car headlights should always be chosen with utmost care. They determine how well you can see and drive at night, especially during bad weather. You should always choose waterproof headlights that offer the brightest visibility. The lights you buy should also ensure that they are not blinding other drivers. LED lights can also be used to modernize the look of your car. Adding LED strips to the car trunk will give an edgy look to your car. Are you looking for the best place to buy different types of car lights? Then, visit the Moglix website, where you can find a curated list of affordable, reliable, and long-lasting car lights from popular brands. The easy-to-install replacement lights can be installed on your own once you get the lights delivered to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Lightings

Which light is best for fog in car?

Compared to other coloured lights like blue, violet, and indigo, yellow and white fog lights are more useful in coping with fog, especially for compact car drivers. Try to stay away from these other coloured lights since they have very short wavelengths and are challenging for the human eye to interpret.

Why do car lights bother me at night?

Both strong and weak lights at night can cause glare. The eyes can squint and get watery when trying to notice something in the midst of a too bright light. On the other hand, poor lighting can cause images to have less contrast, which can impair vision.

Car Lightings - Price Range

Car LightingsMin PriceMax Price
Light Bulbs & HID₹67₹10399
Tail Light₹219₹8525
LED Projection Lights₹160₹3139
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