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Car Vacuum Cleaner

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A tool used to vacuum the carpet in a car is called a car vacuum cleaner. It is often portable and light, making it simple to travel in the glove box or trunk. Car Vacuum Cleaners are usually handheld and lightweight. They offer great functionality along with the design and accessories to make cleaning simple and convenient for the user. The best car vacuum cleaners will help you eliminate the dirt and dust your car eats up as you drive around with your buddies. These Car Vacuum Cleaners come with attachments to enhance their usability. At Moglix, you will find the internet's most diverse range of car cleaning machines. We sell top car vacuum cleaner brands like Tirewell, Black & Decker, Gomechanic, GTB, Gobbler and so on.  


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Performance - Water Lift and Airflow are the two main indicators that determine a vacuum cleaner's power. The water lift represents the suction force and is used as the reference parameter for vacuuming heavy materials and liquids. It is measured in mbar or kPa. Both these factors are important for you in order to find the best Car Vacuum Cleaner. 


Motor Power - The Motor Power of a vacuum cleaner depends upon the type and number of motors it has. Your Vacuum Cleaner's motor power is vital in ensuring that you can keep your car clean and dirt-free all year round. Motor Power is classified into two types being 1-stage (Greater Airflow) and 2-stage (Greater Vacuum).


Noise Level - Too much noise in a vacuum cleaner can be frustrating. That's why you must consider the noise level before buying a car vacuum cleaner. It is measured in decibel dB(A) and you must consider this factor if you are someone who is averse to too much noise. 


Design - You must consider the design and structure of the vacuum cleaner as it is important for better usability. Does it have wheels? Is it easy to use? Do take care of these factors in order to get the most user-friendly vacuum cleaner for your car. The idea is to make things clear.


Weight - In the congested space of a car, you will need a lightweight car vacuum cleaner to keep your car dirt-free with the simplest ease. 


Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands to Consider

Black & Decker Car Vacuum Cleaner - Black & Decker manufactures power tools, hardware, improvement products, home appliances and more. Their Vacuum Cleaners are known for being powerful and compact and can clean up even the toughest of dirt and grime. This car vacuum cleaner on Moglix will surely help you keep your car clean and direct-free all year round. The high suction power combined with the ease of use makes it one of the best car cleaning machine choices. 


Gomechanic Car Vacuum Cleaner - Gomechanic Car Vacuum Cleaners are made of quality-assured materials and by using advanced techniques. In fact, these vacuum cleaners are renowned for their quality and for being made in line with the latest consumer trends relating to vacuum cleaners. You will find a wide range of Gomechanic Car Vacuum Cleaners at the best prices. 


Tirewell Car Vacuum Cleaner - These vacuum cleaners are up there with the best when it comes to convenience and ease of use. You get the assurance of quality when it comes to Tirewell Car Vacuum Cleaners and they are sure to help you keep your car free from dirt with consummate ease. Explore to find the best deals on Tirewell Car Vacuum Cleaners, one of the best car cleaning machines online. 


GTB Car Vacuum Cleaner - In the wide variety of car vacuum cleaners available in the market, GTB offers lots of functionality with compact design. These vacuum cleaners are powerful and will help you clean the corners and areas that are hard to reach. Check and explore GTB car vacuum cleaners at the best prices. 


Gobbler Car Vacuum Cleaner - Made from the highest-quality material, Gobbler Car Vacuum Cleaners are slender, easy to use and powerful. Be it cleaning hard-to-reach corners or different types of surfaces, Gobbler Car Vacuum Cleaners will be the perfect choice for you. Browse through and you will find a wide variety of Gobbler Car Vacuum Cleaners available in a variety of price ranges. 


We also offer door locks from other renowned brands such as Bosch, Impex, Mecano, Tirewell, STARQ, myTVS and others. 


Get Durable Car Cleaning Machines at Moglix 

We at Moglix offer vacuum cleaners at the most reasonable prices and also have a wide variety. We have all kinds of vacuum cleaners that will fulfil all your vacuuming needs. To ensure 100% safety and consumer satisfaction, we check our products for safety and ensure that they meet legally ordained standards. What you buy from us at Moglix is always up there in terms of quality. We at Moglix keep coming up with awesome discount offers for you and keep an eye out to quickly acknowledge and resolve any issues our customers face. Here you will find the top most brands selling their best, ergonomic and budget friendly car vacuum cleaners. So, shop now for the perfect car cleaning machine and keep your car clean all year round. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Vacuum Cleaner

Should I vacuum my car?

Damage can be avoided by vacuum-cleaning the car. Dirt, dust, and liquid spills increase the interior and upholstery of the car's wear and tear. A dirty car is a haven for pathogens as well. Your car's seats, carpets, and steering wheels can all be safely and effectively cleaned with a vacuum.

How powerful should a car vacuum be?

One of the most fundamental requirements when purchasing a car vacuum is the ability to complete the task. A good vehicle vacuum should have a battery that is at least 16 volts or at least 15 air watts of power.

Car Vacuum Cleaner - Price Range

Car Vacuum CleanerMin PriceMax Price
Black & Decker Car Vacuum Cleaner₹1091₹2569
Tirewell Car Vacuum Cleaner₹1256₹1300
Power - 12.5 W Car Vacuum Cleaner₹1842₹2169
This data was last updated on 2/8/23.