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Car Dusters for Perfect Maintenance of Your Car

Imagine seeing a classy black sedan on the road but covered with dust. How unsightly would it be? If keeping your car neat and clean is your plan, it is better you invest in a good car duster. Because dust-covered cars not only look distasteful but also affect their performance by entering the air vents.

Types of Car Wash Dusters

These dusters are manufactured with different materials such as-

Microfibre- Microfibres is a synthetic material that contains an electrostatic charge, which helps in attracting dust and other tiny particles. These are soft and won't leave any marks or scratches on the car.

Cotton- These dusters are made of waxed cotton and are slightly different from microfibre. The tendrils of these duster trap pollen, dust, and other particles from all the corners of your car, leaving it neat and tidy. These dusters are non-washable.

Lambswool- These dusters are expensive in the market but are not as effective as cotton or microfibre. Lambswool dusters were also used traditionally and have an inherent magnetic property.

Compressed Air- This is generally used for the hard-to-reach places in your home, office, or car. Usually, compressed air is used for devices such as keyboards and other tech gadgets. In cars, they are used to clean knobs or buttons.

Why buy Car Cleaning Duster?

Below are some reasons for buying a Car Cleaning duster:

A very easy and quick way to keep your car clean is to sweep the duster across the dashboard and remove all the dust and unwanted particles.

Using a cloth to clean your car will merely move the debris and dust from one place to another. Car duster brush picks up and removes all the dust and debris from the car.

There are places in the car where you cannot clean with a normal car wash. For such places car duster is crucial. Also, a regular duster may leave a scratch on the dashboard and other interior parts of your car.

Water and soap can effectively clean your car, but they can cause messes such as spills and all. Why get into such a mess when you have an escape with a car duster brush?

Car Wash Brush for Spotless Cleaning

And for those who want to wash their car without leaving their house, a Car wash brush is a fortune. These brushes clean your car by reaching the hardest to reach the corner of the car. And the matter about these brushes that is considered the best is that these brushes are reusable, and you don't need to invest in them again and again.

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Car Duster - Price Range

Car DusterMin PriceMax Price
Love4ride Car Duster₹228₹574
Viva City Car Duster₹152₹432
Delhi Deals Car Duster₹84₹353
AllExtreme Car Duster₹139₹787
This data was last updated on 9/27/22.