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Gear Knobs

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The Utility of Gear Knobs

Gear knobs, also known as gear shift knobs, are the main primary connection that starts from the manual transmission stick shift to the hand and mobility of whoever drives the car. It is the part of any traditional vehicle that shifts the speed and mobility of the car engine. It is the main part of any vehicle that is necessary for it to be able to start and move from one place to another, other than the steering wheel.

It is No Different from Gear Stick Knobs

Gearstick knobs are another name for gear knobs, also known as gear sticks. It refers to the metal lever that makes the main horizontal and vertical movements to change the gears of the car. It is the shift lever of a manual transmission vehicle, while the knob is the portion of the gear stick that the driver holds on to move the gear stick into numbered slots.

Materials that Car Gear Knob Comes In

These car gear knobs are traditionally made of regular materials such as plastics and metal. But it can go from specifics that range from silicon to more precious metals such as platinum and silver. It comes in various shapes and sizes. You will see the traditional oval and circle knobs, but they can be tailored to suit your taste as follows:

The more contemporary models come to fit more luxurious tastes. These shift knobs can come in wood such as oak, mahogany, teak, and timber. Metals that are used for gear shift knobs are silver, platinum, gold, and steel. These materials make for better as they are more malleable. The unique way that metal has been used in movies to design these knobs is in the shape of a skull to make it look cool and intimidating.

If you are looking for more functional materials, you can go for simple plastics or silicon, or slip-proof rubber materials. Specialty knobs can be easily purchased to not only replace your knobs but have patterned or grooved covers. These can help to grip the knob better and make it easier for the driver to cruise and easily maneuver the stick.

The flexibility of gear stick tops nowadays means that you no longer have to stick with just the one that comes with the purchase of your car. It can be switched out at any time with a newer model if it is broken or not to your liking. The process of removing or exchanging gear knobs can easily be done at any car repair or servicing center. The professionals can easily remove the old knob and replace it with another one in their showcase or one that you have already purchased online.

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Gear Knobs - Price Range

Gear KnobsMin PriceMax Price
Love4ride Gear Knobs₹310₹310
Viva City Gear Knobs₹168₹296
JBRIDERZ Gear Knobs₹111₹487
This data was last updated on 10/6/22.