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Bumper Guards

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Bumper Guards to Protect Your Car’s Bumper At All Times

Even the most cautious driver can cause a collision. If your car is parked rear-ended and damaged in a parking lot, the opposing driver can drive away without any risk. Many people use bumper guards to safeguard their vehicles from damages that auto insurance may not cover.

Bumper guards are vertical bars or foam pads that can be installed on the front or back of your vehicle. They're usually simple to set up and take down. Let us now know more about them.

Bumper Protector to Serve as a Shield against Physical Damages

People believe that bumper protector aims to avoid or reduce the injury severity in any car accident. In low-speed crashes, bumpers are designed to reduce or prevent physical damage to the front and rear ends of cars. The bumpers also protect the trunk, grill, gasoline, hood, exhaust, and cooling systems. A bumper is usually made of metal, rubber, aluminium, or plastic as a protective shield. Collisions between cars are absorbed by it.

Benefits of a Car Bumper Protector Which Meets the Requirements

Car bumper protectors can easily avoid scrapes and dents. When you or someone else is parking, the best guard for your car's bumper will protect your vehicle from being scraped, damaged, or scratched by another vehicle. They're also good at absorbing impact.

Park with confidence. A front or back bumper guard will give you peace of mind if you have parking issues or are concerned that someone else might accidentally hit your vehicle in a parking lot or on the street.

Spend less money. A scuffed bumper can be expensive to repair. Invest in a comprehensive bumper guard to avoid costly repairs.

Maintain the resale value of your automobile. If you decide to sell your car, you will get a better resale value if the bumper is in good condition rather than if it has a lot of knocks and dents.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Car Bumper Guard

Bumper Guard Size: When looking for the best bumper protection for cars or trucks, the first thing to consider is the extent or the portion of the bumper you need to protect. For this, it is essential to note the measurement of your car’s bumper to ensure that you purchase the correct size. Ensure to get a guard that is a few inches or a little longer than your bumper to protect the corners. Remember that some bumper guards are made to fit specific makes and models, while others are universal.

Bumper Material: The greatest bumper protection for your car will be made of strong, long-lasting, and high-quality materials. Choose a weather-resistant material that will keep the bumper protected for a longer time. Car bumper steel guards and rubber guards are in high demand in present days.

When your automobile is parked, the most significant car bumper protection will cushion the impact. The more padding it provides, the thicker it is.

The best car bumper guards are available in a range of sizes, styles, and patterns. Choose the option that best protects your vehicle.

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Bumper Guards - Price Range

Bumper GuardsMin PriceMax Price
Oscar Bumper Guards₹602₹878
Viva City Bumper Guards₹320₹6160
Cartek Bumper Guards₹329₹329
Modified Autos Bumper Guards₹651₹1905
This data was last updated on 12/1/22.