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Water Dispensers

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Buy Water Coolers to Drink Purified Water

Water dispenser, as the name suggests, is used to dispense water at your preferred temperature. You can have hot, cold or normal water dispensed instantly. It either dispenses water from a bottle or hooks up directly to a water pipeline saving you from heavy lifting of bottles. In offices, school or industry, where there is huge requirement of drinking water, you need to have this device. In addition to purified water and temperature, a water cooler comes with various other benefits such as

  • Easy installation with no setup costs
  • Varied size to suit your need
  • Simple to use and value for money.
  • Environment-friendly, stops the use and throw small water bottles.
  • Ample of drinking water supply.
  • Saves fuel lost in gas stoves for heating water.

The water machine comes in different capacities such as 40 liters, 60 liters, 120 liters, and so on. These point-of-use water coolers filter water and store it in their tank. A water dispenser majorly has components such as a tank, water heater, refrigerating system, filter, tap, and extended tray for releasing unused water from the tap. This device needs electricity to execute its functions.

Water coolers are easy to maintain and clean. Don’t turn them off and keep them filled with water. In case the unit is empty, turn it off to avoid any damage to the machine. Keep the water tap, nob, wire grid and tank clean.

Buy Water Cooler Online at Best Prices

Water forms 70% of our body, it regulates body temperature, intoxicates our body, gives us good skin and much more. Understanding the necessity of water in everyone’s life, Moglix offers water dispensers of different type and capacity. We know how harmful impure water can be for your body, so we have water coolers from renowned and trusted brands such as Usha, Voltas, and Kent. Moglix has various other home appliances such as gas stoves, kitchen appliances, washing machines, etc. to simplify and ease your living.