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Washing Machine: Appliance to Ease your life!

A washing machine is made to clean varieties of garments with no/minimal physical effort. These machines were developed to reduce manual labor spent on washing dirty clothes. The laundry machines are created so detergent is placed into the machines and also the laundry is done efficiently.

Types of Washing Machines Available Online

Moglix has a wide range of washing machines available and you can get the machines as per your requirement.

Semi-automatic Machines

Semi-automatic washing machines are less expensive and there is no need for direct water connection, you can use water as per your requirement. It is the most common washing machine used for household laundry. It also has the capability of a washer and dryer. It includes less manual intervention for the laundry.

Fully Automatic Machines

Automatic washing machines are power efficient and it does everything at the touch of a button. These machines are very effective in removing stains. It does not require any effort to do laundry. It has the washer and dryer capabilities and washes, rinse and dry the clothes at just one touch.

Top Load Machines

Top load washing machines have the door at the top and are loaded from the top. These machines are mostly narrow so can easily be fit a small space.

Front Load Machines

Front load washing machines have the door at the front and are loaded from the front side. It has the capacity to take more loads and is power efficient. It also uses less water.

Buy Best Brands for Washing Machines at Moglix.Com at Affordable Prices

If you are looking for washing machines at affordable prices, moglix is the best place for you. There are different types of washing machines available in the market and you can buy some of the best washing machines at an affordable range. Moglix also delivers some of the best brands available in the market.

LG - They believe in innovation to help their customers to lead better lives. They understand the consumer’s requirements and create the product accordingly. They have a wide range of washing machines as per the consumer’s requirement and at affordable prices.

Godrej - Godrej is the well-established brand and is trustworthy for a very long time. They have a strong presence in consumer goods and have proved their legacy in the market. They are emerging with new technology and providing some best washing machines in the market.

Are Front Loading Washers more Efficient than Top Loader?

Yes! Of course, the higher initial cost for the front loader can be recovered in just a few years through water, sewer, drying time, and soap usage savings.

How many clothes can I put into the Washer?

That depends on the type of washer you are using, for a top loader machine you need to lay clothes loosely inside the washer until they reach the top of the agitator. For a front loader, fill it till it’s full, with token compression of the garments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Washing Machines

Which type of automatic washing machine is best?

Front-load washers are typically assumed to clean clothing better than top-load washers and with less wear and tear. Front-load washers use less water than traditional top-load washers.

How do I choose a washing machine size?

One of the most important factors in determining washer size is family size. In general, the bigger the family, the bigger the washing machine. If your family consists of you, your spouse, and one child, a compact or medium-sized washer in the 3-cubic-foot range will be enough.

Washing Machines - Price Range

Washing MachinesMin PriceMax Price
Semi Automatic Washing Machine₹3549₹20833
Fully Automatic Washing Machine₹12683₹154990
DMR Washing Machines₹3549₹7299
Samsung Washing Machines₹12390₹73200
Candes Washing Machines₹6869₹12670
Whirlpool Washing Machines₹9025₹25000
This data was last updated on 10/6/22.