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Refrigerators: Essential for Storage of Food

It is a kitchen appliance that has a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump, from which heat is transferred from the fridge to the external environment keeping the inside temperature cold. Refrigeration is very essential for food storage as lower the temperature will be, the bacteria reproduction rate will also get decreased. Most modern refrigerators are available in great variety, different designs, and different functions. Smaller versions of the popular refrigerators are also used and are often known as mini refrigerators.

Different types of Fridge Available at Moglix!

At Moglix, the most common type of fridge for sale are mentioned below


Mini Refrigerator

A mini fridge is the smaller version of the refrigerators. It provides the cooling you need in a smaller package. These are available in different sizes and configuration, like a separate freezer compartment, double doors, or a glass front. These refrigerators are commonly used in hotels or small kitchens.

Double Door Refrigerator

These are the fridge that has two doors and are available in different variety. Double door refrigerators are commonly used by large families, as it has more storage capacity. These are available with the top freezer compartment, the low freezer compartment, and the side-by-side door.

Side by Side Refrigerators

This is a slim style side by side refrigerator that has a vertical freezer and refrigerator is directly next to each other. These are ideal for kitchens with limited area and are budget friendly. Most of its models also have an external ice machine and water dispenser.

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Moglix has a wide range of fridge available with them. You can select the fridge as per your requirement. You can also buy the best brands from Moglix at the best price.

LG - LG being a known brand has a wide range of refrigerators available with them. They have a whole new range of energy efficient and stylish refrigerators that will be perfect for your food storage.

Samsung - Samsung has a variety of refrigerators available with them, they offer a fridge with the latest technology, and have most types of fridge like a double door, mini fridge, side-by-side, etc.

What temperature should I maintain in my refrigerator?

The average temperature of 3-4 degrees Celsius is recommended.

What is the life of a fridge?

The average life for a fridge is between 14 to 17 years, depending on model and size.