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Microwave Ovens: Innovative Technology for Faster Cooking

Microwave ovens are now found in almost every modern kitchen, mainly because they provide a quick and simple manner of cooking and reheating meals. In most households, it has become a standard appliance. Microwave ovens play an important role in our daily lives, from breakfast to dinner. Microwave ovens have traditionally been the most sought-after device for tasks such as creating great meals, defrosting frozen items, and reheating food. Microwave ovens have gradually earned a special place in our kitchens. It has elevated the user's food experience to a whole new level.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Solo Microwave Oven:

There are a variety of Ovens available to meet your requirements. A Solo microwave oven can be your go-to solution if you're on a low budget and need to defrost your food or prepare simple dishes. It's a basic oven that doesn't have a lot of features but can do basic cooking tasks. By penetrating heat waves through the plastic, it heats your treats. However, it is recommended that you put microwave oven-safe plastic containers inside them rather than conventional plastic or metallic containers. So, let's say you're seeking a basic cooking appliance that's both easy to operate and less expensive than more expensive gadgets, then this solo microwave oven is your best option.

Convection Microwave Oven:

Convection microwave ovens do not work on the premise of generating heat waves to warm your food. Instead, they are outfitted with fans to aid in air circulation. These are the best microwave ovens because they provide even cooking and various cooking options to satisfy your inner chef. If you're willing to spend a bit more but still want an appliance with many features, this microwave oven price will fit your budget. All of the dishes can be baked, roasted, grilled, or reheated. It's one of India's most modern microwave oven models. The minuscule magnets on the inside heat the food from the inside, and the outside temperature aids the menu as well. As a result, heat from both the inside and outside of the convection oven type crisps the food and produces a beautiful roast.

Grill Microwave Oven:

A grill microwave oven is the most exemplary microwave oven to bring home whether you enjoy sticky grilled chicken or simply drool over a dish of kebab. A regular microwave oven with a grill feature is what this type of equipment is. This oven can grill meats, vegetables, bread, and sausages in addition to warming and defrosting food. This oven has a heating element or a halogen bulb to help you grill your meal. This equipment, like traditional microwaves, produces microwaves. Many appliances provide you with the option of operating the grill or microwave separately. Both methods can be used in conjunction to cook, heat, and brown the food item. In comparison to regular microwaves, this is more adaptable. Cooking delicacies is quick and easy to make, and it's perfect for a little family. It's more compact than a traditional microwave and may work wonders just by taking up a small space in your kitchen. The cost of a grill microwave oven is also less than that of other varieties that perform comparable services.

Benefits of having a Microwave Oven

  • --> Microwave ovens are the most convenient way to reheat already cooked foods. In most cases, reheating food in a microwave oven takes less than fifteen minutes. On a regular stove or pan, this type of warming is impossible.

  • --> With the help of a microwave oven, jobs like roasting garlic, baking garlic bread, and popping popcorn have become simple and quick.

  • --> Microwave ovens are commonly used for baking a variety of cakes, brownies, and bread. Compared to baking on a traditional stove, preparing cakes and bread in a microwave oven is simple and quick.

  • --> Microwave ovens can also be used to swiftly defrost frozen foods and vegetables without wasting any water or losing any nutrients or flavor.

  • --> This is one of the essential features of a microwave oven that most people are unaware of. Disinfecting kitchen objects like plastic cutting boards and sponges is possible with these gadgets.

Microwave Do's and Don'ts you Should Keep in Mind


  • --> Clean with warm, soapy water and a cloth regularly

  • --> Inspect the door and hinges for rust. Food will cook more slowly and unevenly if the interior is unclean.

  • --> When cleaning, you should always disconnect your microwave.

  • --> Only use microwave-safe cookware.

  • --> When cooking, allow steam to escape securely by venting covered food.

  • --> If you have a freestanding microwave, read the user manual to determine how much space you should leave behind and above the equipment for ventilation.


  • --> Microwaving lunch bags can generate harmful gases or possibly cause fires, so avoid doing so.

  • --> When plastic containers are microwaved, BPA or phthalates (a type of chemical plasticizer) can leak into the food.

  • --> Hot peppers can catch fire when heated in the microwave. During the procedure, the compounds that make peppers hot will be released, stinging your eyes and throat.

  • --> If you put nothing in the microwave and turn it on, the microwave will blow up since there will be nothing to absorb the radiation.

  • --> Fresh fruits and vegetables cannot survive microwave heat, so many of them will explode, causing a tremendous mess.

Built in Microwave Ovens vs. Countertop Microwave

Functionality: A countertop oven is positioned on a kitchen counter near a power outlet, while a built-in microwave oven is fitted into a kitchen wall or cabinet.

Versatility: A countertop oven portable, can be moved from one location in the kitchen to another, and can even be packed for travel. In contrast, a built-in oven is permanently installed and can only be removed to be replaced.

Cost: Countertop ovens are less expensive than built-in ovens, with no installation fees or hefty maintenance costs.

Space: As built-in ovens are installed in cabinets, it frees up space on your kitchen platform, while countertop ovens need space on the platform.

Best Brands for Purchasing Microwave Oven

Moglix offers the best Microwave Ovens of the best brands.

Bajaj Oven: Bajaj Microwave Ovens are the trusted and authorized ovens that are extremely easy, convenient and safe to operate.

LG Ovens: LG provides an exclusive array of microwaves. They give a pleasant and convenient experience of cooking.

Singer: Buy Singer Microwave Ovens at the best price and make cooking, baking, and grilling a wonderful experience.

Whirlpool: Whirlpool presents the range of microwave ovens that are manufactured using the latest technology. They are the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Samsung: Samsung provides microwave ovens ranging from Rs. 2,000 to 40,000. These ovens are best in cost and have the latest features.

Why choose Moglix for Purchasing a Microwave Oven?

These appliances are taking a significant position in the modern kitchen as people love to experiment with various cooking styles. Tasty food always wins hearts, and for this, you need a good microwave oven at your service. Whether you are searching for an all-in-one microwave oven or a solo microwave Moglix is the perfect place to find high-quality and high-performance microwaves at the best prices. We offer an extended range of ovens from some of the most popular brands like Samsung, LG, Ibell, and many more. We also ensure secure payments and have an excellent reputation concerning when it comes to returning and exchanging of the products. Hurry up and order now and be a master chef in your kitchen zone.

Microwave Ovens - Price Range

Microwave OvensMin PriceMax Price
Whirlpool Microwave Ovens₹5561₹13265
Samsung Microwave Ovens₹6753₹31600
IFB Microwave Ovens₹4799₹19090
Morphy Richards Microwave Ovens₹6199₹12999
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