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Home Inverter & UPS

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Have Uninterrupted Power Supply with the Best Home Inverters

A compact and rectangular-shaped electrical equipment used to convert direct current (DC) voltage to alternating current (AC) voltage in common appliances is known as an inverter. Several tiny forms of equipment, such as solar power systems, are used in DC applications. Many small electrical pieces of equipment, such as solar power systems, power batteries, power sources, and fuel cells, employ direct current since it is easily produced.

An inverter's primary function is to convert DC electricity to AC power. The public utility can provide AC electricity to houses and companies; otherwise, the alternating-power systems of the batteries can only store DC power. Furthermore, practically all household appliances and other electrical equipment may be operated with AC power.

When the output voltage is equivalent to the grid supply voltage of either 120 V or 240 V, depending on the country, the input voltage is often lower depending on the country. These are stand-alone devices that can be used in applications such as solar power. Based on the switching waveform shape, many types of inverters are available on the market.

Applications of Battery Inverters

These battery inverters are used in-

  • --> Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can be utilized with inverters.

  • --> These inverters can be used on their own.

  • --> These are suitable for solar power installations.

  • --> An inverter is the most fundamental component of a switched-mode power supply (SMPS).

  • --> Centrifugal fans, pumps, mixers, extruders, test stands, conveyors, metering pumps, and web-handling equipment can all benefit from these.

Microtek Inverters for Perfect Performance

Microtek is a well-known name in the Indian power product sector. It is India's most trusted and preferred brand because of the company's best-in-class products. Microtek stands tall as an epitome in the space as a technology innovator and pioneer in India's power backup industry. Its ability to make reliable and latest technology incorporated products that are well accepted and appreciated by household consumers and the industrial sector across the globe.

Microtek’ Aim and Awards

'Technology We Need, Technology We Create, and Technology We Live' is their motto. They seek to be the most well-known brand in the market by consistently innovating and upgrading their products. The most vital things for them are innovation and consumer happiness.

Microtek has received numerous honors, including the Best UPS Brand (Consumer) Award in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 (Digital Terminal Awards), the 'EFY Readers' Choice Award for Home UPS' in 2013, after having been honored for seven years and being named the Power Brand in the Top 200 corporations.

Microtek's inverter for home series comes in many power options to fulfill the power backup needs of any household. All of our home power backup solutions are subjected to stringent quality control and come with comprehensive after-sales support and warranty. Microtek's Home UPS allows you to enjoy a life of infinite energy.

Features and Benefits of Inverter for Home

  • --> These have a high frequency and are equipped with the most up-to-date microcontroller technology.

  • --> These UPSs have a lot of useful functions and are a great backup for your electrical gadgets.

  • --> They're fantastic since they offer excellent value for money and are exceptionally long-lasting.

  • --> They ensure a seamless transition from main to battery mode and protect you from the dangers of continual voltage swings.

  • --> Off-mode charging with high voltage protection is also available on these high-quality UPSs.

  • --> These inverters are solid and reliable.

  • --> During prolonged power outages, they provide uncompromised performance.

  • --> The battery in the inverter may be readily replaced and provides extended power backups.

  • --> Their products are subjected to stringent quality control and are backed by a strong after-sales service and warranty.

Buy Inverters Online

We understand the importance of power in today's society, and several brands like Luminous, Microtek, and APC know how to supply it precisely with various power solutions. Inverters provide stable, uninterrupted power, ensuring that you are always comfortable and connected. Check out e-stores for these products and have them delivered to your home. Allow no power outages to prevent you from working, studying, or binge-watching the series you've meant to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Inverter & UPS

Which is better for homes, UPS or inverter?

Both UPS and inverter have different uses, both are beneficial in their own way. UPS is generally used to provide power support to particular devices which are connected to them, the power supply may be short-term or long-term depending on the situation. Whereas an inverter is eligible to supply power to a whole home, with maximum output. One can also substitute UPS with an inverter.

Can UPS be used with an inverter?

Yes, one may use UPS with an inverter however during a power cut inverters might not work or work for a very short time. In the case of UPS, it will work only with the devices connected to it. But if you wish to use both UPS and inverter in the same home then you can unplug the UPS and reset the inverter and then the inverter will work.

Home Inverter & UPS - Price Range

Home Inverter & UPSMin PriceMax Price
Luminous Home Inverter & UPS₹2239₹93151
Microtek Home Inverter & UPS₹2391₹349240
APC Home Inverter & UPS₹3309₹120973
V-Guard Home Inverter & UPS₹3660₹17797
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.