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Industrial & Domestic Coolers

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Buy Industrial Coolers to Keep Yourself Cool

Industrial air coolers are a huge necessity in a high-temperate zone. If you are living in a place where there is increased humidity and heat making working conditions unbearable then these industrial and domestic coolers are the best option. These coolers are often used in factories, warehouses, thermal plants, chemical units, and even institutions. A hot and humid atmosphere can hamper the work and performance of the employees. These coolers will help in increasing efficiency and boost production.


Industrial air coolers are intended for cooling large open spaces and semi-open spaces. They work on the principle of evaporative air cooling, where fresh air is continuously supplied through air ducts and air inlets and cooled by cooling pads and water. By providing a continuous supply of cool air, it expels hot air containing impurities, odors, and dust from the room, creating a cool, ventilated, clean, and comfortable environment.


Different Types of Industrial and Domestic Coolers

Air Coolers - An air cooler is a heat exchanger that is used to cool and dehumidify the air. The air that is to be cooled is forced over the aluminum fins by a fan. Air coolers are used for air conditioning in buildings, industrial air cooling processes, etc.


Desert Coolers - A desert cooler is also known as an evaporative cooler. It is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Water absorbs a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate and it provides cool air. These coolers are often used in industries, factories, etc.


Industrial Coolers - Industrial coolers are also known as evaporative coolers or wet air coolers. Provides cool air by evaporating the water in the tank. The device can cool large rooms quickly so that it can be used in large rooms with many people. These are considered to be the best in the regions which have drier weathering conditions. They are structured to provide cool air in the room with a water storage capacity of 50-60 litres.


Room coolers - All known as personal coolers, these coolers are not very large and work very efficiently in tight spaces. You can store them in your cabin or room to survive the unbearable summer heat. Compared to Industrial coolers, these are small in size with low noise and less energy consumption. Being small in size, these are considered small water air coolers.  They are easily mobile from one room to another hence an apt choice for small spaces or offices.


Tower coolers - Tower coolers are not only stylish, but they are also amazingly efficient. Wheels underneath the body make it easy to move and move from one place to another. Rather than relying on a slim body shape, take advantage of the efficiency of this model to deliver air around the corners and corners of your room. The body of this cooler is slim and elegant as compared to the heavy make of an Industrial cooler which makes it a decorative piece to keep in your room or office. With wheels attached to the bottom, this cooler can easily move from end to end. The cooler's water tank is relatively small, so the water inside won't splash when you move it around.


Window Coolers - As the name suggests, wind coolers are synonymous with wind air conditioners placed outside the window with the front facing the room.  This type of cooler is installed in the window, so it doesn't take up the whole room space, but it cools the room with maximum efficiency. The cooler is space-saving as the body is outside the window. Coolers consume less energy but are more efficient. This cooler has a large tank capacity that can cool a room for hours without needing to be refilled. Small indoor spaces can benefit from this cooler. These can be categorised as domestic coolers or room coolers. The aptest choice to be used in small shops or the living room, one can find these domestic coolers in hostel rooms also.


Factors to be considered while purchasing Industrial Coolers


Size of the room - Each air cooler is designed to cool a specific area, so it's important to choose according to the size of the room you're installing. A small cooler in a large room may not be cool enough, but a large cooler in a small space can create a lot of moisture. Hence before buying an Industrial cooler, the first criterion to seek is room size.


Distance approach to cooling - One of the most important components of an air cooler is the fan and its blade profile. Even a cooler that looks good might not work if it can't blow good air, so it makes all the difference. Coolers are also expected to cool the entire space where air flight distance is important. A long air throw is achieved due to the profile of the fan blades. Industrial Coolers with angled fan blades can deliver cold air over longer distances, resulting in more surface area to be cooled.


Tank capacity & autofill function - Water air coolers come in various tank capacities, so you should choose a cooler with a suitable tank capacity for your room size. The basics here are that a large water tank provides longer cooling and vice versa. Another important thing to watch out for is the autofill feature. I'm sure you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to fill up your radiator or be interrupted during an important job. An ideal cooler should run all night without needing to be refilled. For coolers with smaller capacities, the automatic water tank feature that continuously replenishes water is useful.


Cooling pad quality - A good cooling pad can make all the difference by keeping a room cooler longer. For years, cooler manufacturers have used wool wood or aspen pads. Still, with technological advances and product design innovations, honeycomb cooler pads are becoming more popular due to their efficiency in providing long-lasting cooling. In particular, honeycomb pads are believed to be more effective due to their ability to retain and absorb more water, resulting in longer and more effective cooling.


Buy the Best Brands of Industrial Coolers Online

Bajaj Coolers: Bajaj is a well-known brand in the electrical industry. They offer coolers that are suitable for different climates and geographical locations. These are equipped with features like high air delivery and a big water tank. These air coolers offer sustained and effective cooling.


Symphony - Symphony was founded in 1988 in Gujarat, and since then they have made their name in the market. They have the best range of air coolers that are designed to meet all kinds of cooling needs with featured air coolers.


Havells - Havells air coolers have distinctive features like a covered water tank to prevent mosquito breeding, auto drain for easy drainage of water, and humidity regulator to regulate water flow on pads. You can experience cleaner, healthier, and breathable air with the range of Havells air coolers.


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